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Kaganos Soft water protects the entire domestic water system and ensures that all appliances connected to it, e. Lide does it work? BWT soft water systems are based on the classic ion exchange process, which uses natural processes to reduce the calcium content of drinking water.

Boost the sense of wellbeing in your life Enjoy the feeling of soft skin, shiny hair and soft and fluffy laundry with silky-soft BWT Pearl water. Private users Building and Communities Industry and industrial solutions. Pamper yourself, save money and protect your bath and shower with silky-soft BWT Pearl water A sensation of wellbeing in the shower, gleaming fixtures and fittings and soft, fluffy laundry — discover the many benefits of soft water. The alternating operating mode enables user to specify the required capacity in column 2 while regeneration is taking place in column 1.

AQA life supplies up to 12 people with soft water 24 hours a day. There is no download available. A 4-person household consumes an average of cubic metres of water a year. The compact AQA life model, with its performance designed with the single family household in mind, can be installed almost anywhere.

Softening or partial softening of potable and non-potable water using the ion exchange process Fully automatic duplex softening system Microprocessor controller for maximum user-friendliness Storage capacity for 25kg of regeneration agents Economical regeneration due to precision salination DVGW certification.

The regeneration tank therefore needs to be refilled no more than four times a year. If you want your domestic water to feel as gentle as warm summer rain, install a soft water system like BWT AQA perla.

This avoids costly repairs and extends the operating life of the appliances. BWT AQA life The luxuriating experience continues when you step out of the shower into fluffy towels and cuddly bathrobes that have been washed in the soft water supplied to your washing machine.

Softening or partial softening of potable and non-potable pife using the ion exchange process Fully automatic duplex softening system Microprocessor controller for maximum user-friendliness Storage capacity for 25kg of regeneration agents Economical regeneration due to precision salination DVGW certification There is no video available.

Economise with BWT Reduced energy consumption and lower costs of washing and cleaning agents — easy on your household budget, kind to the environment.

It starts with the morning shower. This removes the calcium and magnesium ions dissolved in the water and softens it. It protects your bath, shiny fittings and attractive tiles from unsightly limescale deposits, while the need for cleaning is reduced to a minimum.

Its innovative precision salination and short, economical regeneration cycles reduce consumption of salt and rinsing water. Soft BWT pearl water leaves the skin feeling noticeably smoother, while shiny, silky hair boosts your wellbeing even further. Its small dimensions and compactness make it suitable for under-the-counter installation.

Protect your household against limescale Reduced limescale deposits mean your bath, shower, fixtures and fittings will stay beautiful for longer. The bathroom retains a permanent shine, while cleaning time and effort will be significantly reduced. The saline and drinking water therefore never come into contact with each other, and so the regeneration and drinking water systems are kept totally separate. Limescale can build up d water flows, drips or stands, because calcium and magnesium ions dissolved in it create hard water.

Like double-glazing, the installation of a soft water system also has a positive effect on your household budget, because it removes the calcium from the water.

As the 25kg capacity tank containing the regeneration agents is only half the size of the AQA perla system, the AQA life takes up even less space. During regeneration, the special resin is cleaned with a mild saline solution, which again releases the calcium and magnesium ions to be flushed away with bat rinsing water. Anyone who feels the silky-soft pearlescent water on their skin will never again want to miss out awa this sensation of wellbeing.

A soft water system can do even more. Pipework is protected against hazardous limescale deposits; therefore your pipes and sanitary installations will have a significantly longer service life and require less maintenance. TOP 10 Related.


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