What the hell is that!! Herman Li only number 20, are you kidding Come on! Unknown said The a-hole who wrote this book said Mustaine was the most complete guitarist, taking every aspect in consideration - now anyone can tell in what aspect of guitar playing is Dave superior to John Peter Petrucci??? Biting the pick??

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Now, anybody who really knows the industry knows just how loosely and objectively these terms can be applied to certain music, depending on who you ask. Anyway, since I dabble in guitar playing a bit myself it was only a matter of time before I was going to read this.

There truly is a lot of research that went into this book. Mr McIver obviously listens to a lot of Heavy Music. We all know that where top lists and rankings are concerned, there will always be differences of opinions. However, the author pre-empts this by implying in his introduction that people who disagree with him are idiots. Although, admittedly, hilariously funny.

The author also makes some compelling points on why certain guitarists are excluded. I, personally, would have liked to see the late Criss Oliva Savatage higher on the list.

Some long due honour is bestowed on one or two guitarists here. The book would have benefited from a wee bit more care in the editing department, though.

For example: [Rudolph] Schenker was born in August - six months too late to qualify as the oldest guitarist in this book; that honour goes to Tony Iommi, born in February that year. All in all — enjoyable enough. Recommended for guitarists or fans who want to explore the darker side of guitar playing.

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The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists



Joel McIver - 100 greatest guitarists in metal


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