Download - Easy Setup 1. The game focuses on realism with several stations the player can use sonar, weapons, navigation, helm, radio and periscope but most duties can be delegated to crew members. The graphics are mostly close-up views of the control panels but in some occasions they feature digitized images of surface ships and crew. The plot is simple fare, you are the captain of either an American or Soviet sub and must play through a series of increasingly difficult missions. Overall an enjoyable game, although maybe not one that will appeal to everyone. Most of the systems you would expect such as sonar and periscope are featured and nicely presented in VGA.

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In this super simulation pilot your sub through enemy infested waters on several different missions or varying degrees of difficulty.

One of the first to be brought over is Attack Sub by Electronic Arts. This game is a submarine warfare simulation with you in control as the captain. Get your mission orders and develop your attack strategy. Since it is a very real simulation you have control of all of the functions of the ship.

Call up the sonar and you can see what is happening below the surface or raise the periscope to see the enemy on the surface. No detail has been overlooked in this game.

Easily, the best battle simulation ever made in the cartridge format. Learning to control the submarines is straight-forward: a main screen shows the conning tower control room of the submarine.

Various stations for issuing commands are available, and you can choose the station you need by moving the cursor to a particular station, then pressing the fire button. The cursor changes shape to indicate which station is selected - for example, it becomes a spark when you select the radio room and a torpedo when you select the weapons station.

Other areas include navigation, the periscope, helm, damage control and sonar. When you select a control station, the screen changes to a secondary screen that shows the details of that station. For example, the helm displays the engine controls, depth controls and the autopilot. Most of the stations also show a map and a number pad for issuing commands.

Issuing commands is a matter of placing the cursor on the appropriate button and pressing fire. Of course, the fact that the controls on the Russian sub are identified in Cyrillic complicates things somewhat! Controlling the Attack Sub simulation has been considerably simplified compared to real life. For one thing, you can pinpoint targets on the map, then set a "way point" from the navigation screen and have the autopilot guide you there you still control depth and speed.

Multiple way points can be set so that the sub follows a predetermined course while you concentrate on other things. Just be careful not to dive too close to the bottom of the ocean. To help you stay up-to-date with the state of your sub, all the screens that have maps also feature a "head-up display" HUD much like a fighter plane. This shows your depth, heading and speed. Another simplification is that you can pick targets with your cursor as they appear on the map, and launch torpedoes or missiles in some scenarios at them right away.

When a target is identified, it shows up on the map as a letter rather than just an "x" , and acquiring the item as a target identifies it in the target area at the top of the window. The sonar is quite capable - you have passive listening devices, active ping sonar and can even tow a cable of microphones to increase sensitivity and range.

The more of your tools you use, the better the chance of getting an ID on your targets. Unfortunately, the more sonar you use, the better the chance that the enemy will detect you and counterattack. The periscope is the most general purpose station, enabling you to see your targets if you are at periscope depth , switch to the map and acquire targets and even launch a torpedo or missile at the target. The sound, though it features digitized voices, is also mediocre and has quite a lot of static.

All of this is unimportant, however, because not only is very playable, but you can adjust the difficulty level in several ways so that it is not overwhelming to a beginner.

The game includes ten different scenarios, and in most of them you can play either the American or the Russian side with differing objectives, naturally. The scenarios range from anti-submarine warfare to full-fledged attacks on enemy convoys. Your complement of weapons varies for each mission - you even have Tomahawk cruise missiles on one mission. Overall, the game is challenging and highly recommended to enthusiasts of submarine simulations.

You can get your "mission orders" in the radio room in the beginning of the game. After that, nothing. There is no option to continue the mission and begin playing the game.

DaveDeOro posted a review Overall rating: 7. The player takes command of a US Los Angeles-class or Soviet Alfa class nuclear powered attack submarine and plays 10 missions organized into a Cold War scenario. Most of the systems you would expect such as sonar and periscope are featured and nicely presented in VGA.

The game offers ten missions for both the Soviet and American side in a Cold War scenario, that grows progressively hotter. Especially the modem-play option was outstanding for its time. Be sure to download the manual, although the game is well laid-out and can be controlled completly with the mouse.


688 Attack Sub



688 Attack Sub Download (1989 Simulation Game)



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