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Gray Alvin Eicoff was a trailblazer in the early days of direct response advertising broadcast on radio and television. The book was published in , before the Reagan Administration deregulated the airwaves, allowing long-form infomercials to return to television.

At the time the book was published, television advertising was limited to two minutes. Many of the concepts in the book can be applied to internet marketing videos and podcasts.

The fact that infomercials are still being used on television tells us they can still be used to effectively sell merchandise. The commercials had a compelling emotional appeal. In the very early days of television the s , long-form commercials were allowed and were very popular. The commercials were recorded presentations by pitchmen who would otherwise have sold their wares at county fairs.

Another long-form commercial that was very successful was Lehigh Acres, Florida retirement home sites, for Lee Ratner. The state of Florida enacted complex laws and regulations resulting in big increases in real estate prices. One of the lessons that Eicoff learned was that television viewers hated it when their favorite program was interrupted by commercials.

He found that his commercials were much more effective on weekends, late at night and early in the morning. The sales resistance of the audience was lower and the rates charged for advertising in these off hours was also much lower. The products were displayed in the front of the store where they were easy to find. The book includes a checklist to analyze the likelihood of success of a product.

For a lifetime of lessons in broadcast direct marketing, get and study a copy of Or Your Money Back.


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