Malagami Very well used, but complete and useable. Ships from United States. Now that they see the massing army of the Thwrian, and that no one can escape their threat, the Karmans return to Ava to fight with Humanity to take on the omnivorous threat of the Therians. The Therians had predicted that without their intervention, the end of the Universe is inevitable, and that life will cease to exist in the future. G or Good — The item will have had more use, showing obvious imperfections. In most cases, boxed games and box sets do not come bkok dice.

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All rights reserved. This is just a game. None of this ever happened and hopefully never will Since issue 14, you can find in Cry Havoc the elements of the first AT worldwide campaign! All fans of AT will enjoy the exclusive information found in these supplements. Knowing everything about an army means knowing not only how to lead it, but also how to defeat it!

Introduction Opening 4 The Therians are the almighty craftsmen of a better universe, a universe organized and bent to their will. They have dedicated themselves to an extraordinary mission: each star, each planet must be transformed, remodeled. All the resources in the universe could only offer a very temporary resistance against their will.

Three factions meet around the prodigious Therian project. They lead the troops to victory. One day the machines will give birth to a new algorithmic life form. All the Therians are united by the Therian dream; they all seek to wipe away the pathetic opposition of the short-sighted creatures opposing them. The confrontation between the Therians, supported by their powerful technology, and the primitive animals challenging them can only end in a bloodbath. Thank you for choosing the Army Book: Therians certification module.

This module will assist you in the creation and optimization of your strategy. It is a collection of all information relative to. Thanks to this certification, the thrill of battles is guaranteed and victory probabilities increased. This module gives you access to golems, medusas and goliaths, and also to all kinds of golgoth creation and piloting files.

In the first part, The Therian project, you will find indispensable information to assimilate the objectives and origins of the project supported by all Therians.

In the second part, The Therians, you will access the complete database containing all the information concerning the most advanced war machines in the universe. They will provide exclusive experience in the management of military operations; do you want to know more? Discover the specifications and functionality of each system! The third part offers global access to all the forums that discuss the Therian project, Hyperlife and the on-going offensives throughout the universe.

The Therians originated on the third planet of the Sol System. Much later, once it had spread across the whole universe, the species changed its name. Therian civilization went through all the stages that Ava went through, although it took a lot more time.

Thousands of years were needed for the future Therians to find out about fire and tools, nuclear physics and computer science, space travel and quantum physics They then made a great leap forward, as they discovered nanotechnology and the astromorphosis1 of planetary systems.

Since then, Therians have built for themselves immortal synthetic bodies, which kept the appearance and functionality inherited from their natural biology. Once at this level of technology the Therians were able to alter their ecosystem to make their environment ideal. They rapidly mastered these techniques pushed on by the urgency of the situation.

In fact, they had recklessly wasted the resources available in their system, quickly making it unsuitable to live in. They decided to keep only two habitats: Sol, their star, and Thars, their first colony in space.

They destroyed all the other planets and, using this material, they enclosed Sol inside a gigantic shell used to capture all of its radiating energy: a Dyson shell. Sol became the habitat of Thera, in memory of the planet that had seen the rise of their species, Terra.

Man had evolved so much that he decided to change the name of his species, to mark his difference from the imperfect form he left behind. When they finished the habitat of Thera mankind became the Therians. From then on, no longer could any cosmic accident annihilate their race. However, this was not enough: eternity was not yet theirs. In fact, they discovered that within twenty billion years the universe would have evolved to such a point that life would become impossible.

They then chose to launch a vast project to prevent the end of the universe. This was the beginning of the Therian project and the birth of the concept of hyperlife see further : in order to live forever, the Therians would need to transform all the planetary systems in the universe into habitats!

The best way to get to this result is to let civilization develop on it and make sure it goes the same way the Therians went. In the beginning, the Therians experimented with a species they knew well: the great apes, a species remotely related to theirs. They cloned them, increased their intellectual capacities and stranded them in a planetary system beyond the Milky Way, along with the technical resources for rapid technological development.

After a thousand years the results were pretty disappointing. The Karmans were starting to explore their planetary system, under Therian supervision, but their planet was absolutely not ready for therianisation. Despite all this, the Therians decided to keep an eye on them, in order to learn from this failure. However, at the same moment, war broke out between the Therians and primitive species that did not understand the necessity of destroying their worlds to prevent the end of the universe.

After so many millennia of peace, the Therians had forgotten how to make war and were repelled several times. They mustered the Karmans, a younger people that had not forgotten how to fight.

Karman victories allowed the Therians to pacify the galaxy decisively. The Therians used their own genes to seed those worlds capable of supporting life.

They left pyramids covered in symbols on these planets. These pyramids were meant to accelerate the evolution of civilization. This new plan worked perfectly. Within fewer than a hundred thousand years the Milky Way had disappeared: all its stars had been enclosed inside Therian habitats.

The Therians then moved on to other galaxies with serious intent. The only ones to be spared were the Karmans, in case their masters ever needed them.

They detected very early signs that this world would soon be ready. However, some Therians were feeling cramped in their habitats and wished to accelerate the process. Therefore it took less than a decade to mount an expedition. The forthcoming development of a new habitat and the very optimistic projections of one of the most popular overseers of the consensus, Urash, had the Therians convinced in no time.

Just as Urash had predicted, the Avans panicked when the overseers used the machines to adapt gravity and daytime to the Therian norm, which was standard procedure to help the overseers feel comfortable during the operation. The desperate reaction of the Red Blok and its surprisingly well organized offensive caught the Therians off guard. Urash had discounted such an insignificant possibility that rarely appeared in his simulations. The Therians did what they could to resist and were forced to deploy the Karmans to hold off the Red Blok.

Urash had also ignored the possibility of an alliance between the two political systems found on Ava. When the U. Too busy fending off Red Blok diversions, the Karmans were unable to prevent the U. Several overseers were lost forever! In the meantime, the artificial intelligence controlling the therianisation machine stated that the process was to be stopped: the planet was not quite ready for its destruction. This was too much for the overseers to bear and they left in a hurry.

This Therian defeat, never seen before, showed that it was possible to beat them, even with ridiculously limited means and primitive technology. For the Therians, this failure was a Trauma: from then on, they were no longer invincible.

Their supremacy had been shaken, even in the minds of some of their allies. Peoples that previously just fled whenever the Therians approached suddenly started making defensive stands. The Karmans, who used to travel quietly in the wake of their creators, slowly established contacts of their own with the Avans, the Cogs and even the Krygs. The situation reached a critical point when Operation Damocles was launched by the U.

The successful U. This is a disaster for the Therian project. Nobody else but the Therians can realise such a project and preserve life in the universe in its most evolved form! However, there is hope.

No other species has such a vast and rich empire under their control. Even if the entire universe was to unite against them, the Therians could still win! This provides not only a comfortable environment for the passengers but also a carefully designed defensive system to make sure the passengers will not be disturbed, since they cannot conceive of anything that might be an actual threat to them. This system is only loosely supervised by the Therians, who delegate almost every single task to expert systems, specialized artificial intelligences, and to an army of highly modular machines.

Except for a few eccentrics, the Therian masters are not interested in the functioning of their vessel. Even those rare Therians interested in industrial management - a rather rare hobby among their idle society - can only choose between a limited range of pre-selected options chosen by expert systems in order to reach the goal of their journey as soon as possible.

Its irregular surface seems to be perfectly smooth when you still have an overall view of the vessel. But, as you get closer, it becomes obvious that this smooth metal shell is in fact formed by a mesh of factories of mind blowing proportions, whose upper levels are the only objects visible from space. In certain areas pyramid shaped constructions, resembling those found on the worlds selected and prepared by the Therians, seem to tear through the surface. Mass: 1.

Gravity: 0, g. Space occupied by Therian constructions: 25 km deep, from the outer layer, or 8 billion km3. Current Speed: 2,5 c or kilometers per second, in constant deceleration. Its mission is to take technicians and equipment to Ava, in order to reboot the process which was interrupted: the transformation of the Avan planetary system into a Therian habitat.

This factory world contains everything needed to do so; the Therians could even start it all over again if they felt like it.


Therian Army Book

SW Shrink Wrapped. Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted. For example, "SW NM " means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition. Mint Perfect. Brand new. NM Near Mint. Like new with only the slightest wear, many times indistinguishable from a Mint item.



Dosida Select a valid country. I do my utmost to take care of customers, but occationally I am called away. More boik The Therians are the all mighty craftsmen of a better universe, a universe organized and bent to their will. At first the political opposition was crushed by the armed forces from Ava, but as the Avans wrmy to think that the threat was subsided, the Red Blok managed to convince the planetary troops that their ideals were a better way of life. Assault Golems Unit Blok.


The View from the Turret

The quality and layout is the same as the U. Army Book. The book is 64 pages long and printed on high gloss paper in full color. The book includes 14 pages of information on history and the factory-worlds but the majority of the book is dedicated to the Therians and begins with information on a number of Therian factions; Cyphers, Warriors, and Web Striders. Each faction has their own benefits and disadvantages. For example, the Warriors excel at close combat and can get an alpha level overseer for free but must engage in close combat if possible. Details on the various Therian weapons are also included.

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