Fejas Page To add a vertex to a poly entity 1 Enter vertex editing mode. When using Symbol Array, controls on the edit bar allow you to: To edit or create a report 1 On the Database menu, click Report. Displaying the Coordinates of a Point AutoSketch allows you to determine the coordinates of a point you enter. Transform Top Isometric skews the entity along and degree axes. Using Preset Views AutoSketch provides several common views.

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Kazibar Page 45 Combining two drawings you must open it—that is, display it on your screen. X-and y-coordinates express location in terms of hori- zontal and vertical distances from another point. Page value The specific numeric or textual information assigned to a Database Field. Drawing Irregular Polygons Drawing Irregular Polygons An irregular polygon might be a simple triangle or it could contain hundreds of segments. To place a symbol while scaling it and aligning it to points 1 Click the Hanbuch page tab on the Content Librarian.

Page inscribed polygon A regular polygon whose vertices fall on a defining circle. To delete unnecessary vertices without changing the shape of the selected entity 1 Select the entity you want to clean, then right-click.

Title Bar The AutoSketch title bar extends across the top of the application window. Using Extrusion Tools While two-dimensional drawings are the basic building blocks of most projects, it is often helpful to have a three-dimensional view of the project.

You can even align the text to two points. For more informa- tion, see page On the Draw menu, click Symbol, Create if you want to update a symbol definition after editing its components.

Content Librarian The Content Librarian is an easy-to-use bar for displaying and placing symbols, solid autosketchh, hatch patterns, and bitmap fills. There is a built-in editor included with AutoSketch for updating the content of existing text entities. The pattern of In this chapter Changing the grid lines, crosses, or dots which represent the grid visually is Using guidelines an invaluable tool. AutoSketch can calculate the total length of a series of polyline segments, since they are a single entity.

While you cannot fill a circle, you can convert the circle to a polygon. AutoSketch 9 Download To copy symbol definitions from one open drawing to another 1 In the Content Librarian, click the Symbol page tab.

Lines Lines are one of the most basic types of entities you can In this chapter Drawing single lines draw with AutoSketch. Like a symbol, you can resize, move, rotate, or convert a marker to its com- ponent entities. Placing Text AutoSketch gives you the flexibility to place rich text anywhere in your drawing. Basepoint Angle Height Width You can edit these properties by selecting the marker and changing the settings on the edit bar. As you move the pointer over the drawing, an X-shaped AutoPoint Indicator identifies the nearest intersection point.

Drawing Origin AutoSketch expresses location in three ways: Leaders Leaders are notes that reference specific points in a drawing. Glossary 2-Point Intersection snap A snap that allows you to specify intersection points by clicking anywhere along a pair of lines, polylines, polygons, arcs, or circles. The dialog boxes that display the results of inquiries include buttons that let you copy the data to the Clipboard, print it, or export it as a.

These controls allow you to edit any portion of the properties for the selected entities. To change grid appearance from the Grid edit bar Click the View Options button at the left end of the Grid edit bar. The buttons at the right end of the title bar allow you to minimize, maximize, close, or restore the AutoSketch window.

Autosketcb Symbols are a way for you to standardize the look and In this chapter Placing a symbol feel of particular drawing elements within and across Inserting symbols in lines, drawings. Displaying the Coordinates of a Point AutoSketch allows you to determine the coordinates of a point you enter. Page Chapter 15 3D Effects You can specify the information displayed in the message area by right- clicking the status bar then clicking Properties on the pop-up menu that appears.

Page To change the start and included angle of a circular arc 1 Enter vertex editing mode. Logical operators used in selection statements Operator Description Connects two qualifiers. The Selection Modifier allows you to select entities based on their properties. To mirror entities across an axis you specify 1 Select the entity or entities to mirror.

If your drawing requires you to switch hanxbuch types often, you can gandbuch use the Grid toolbar to change the grid type or to double or halve the size of the grid. To open a polygon 1 Enter vertex editing mode. You can also activate the Curve toolbar which contains the same commands but can be docked anywhere onscreen by right-clicking a bar, then clicking Toolbars on the pop-up menu that appears. Page To change the length of the axes of an ellipse 1 Enter vertex editing mode.

The first four commands allow you to add circles based on points you know. Related Posts.


Goltizshura AutoSketch draws a regular polygon in relation to an invisible reference circle. You can use this technique to change the angle of the dimension line or to move the dimension label. See also symbol library. Isometric Top aligns the snap and line grids along and degree axes. The edit bar displays tools for drawing guidelines. Baseline Dimensions In baseline dimensioning, each dimension in the series seems to extend from the same extension line. To place the drawing origin at the lower-left hand corner or center of the page 1 On the Tools menu, click Drawing Options.



To convert a polygon to a polyline 1 Select the polygon you want to convert. Trimming Entities Trimming is one way of refining and finishing a draw- In this chapter Creating a corner ing. Linear dimensions include horizontal, vertical, aligned, and rotated dimensions. For example, a polyline vertices with a single segment has two vertices: By default the grid origin is located at the drawing coordinates 0,0, for example, at the drawing origin. A rectangle using two points in which an ellipse is tangent to all four sides. To change the start and included angle of an elliptical arc 1 Enter vertex editing mode.


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