Do you like this video? Duke Bertold leading the Von Kragsburg Guard The Von Kragsburg Guard are an Averland regiment of freelance Imperial soldiers funded and equipped by House Von Kragsburg , in the interest of protecting and ensuring the overall safety of trade along the Old Dwarf Road in exchange for a exorbitant fee. The patriarch of the noble family, Duke Bertold von Kragsburg , also known as the "Dirty Duke", like his father before him, was forever seeking the glitter of gold in all its forms and value, seeking any avenue to ensure his wealth would grow ten-fold upon the climax of his endevour. Having a distingushed military career, the regiment have always fought for their home province of Averland, but such was their need for material wealth has ensured that these dealings are always been under a certain contract of payment. While the scruples of the "Dirty Duke" may be questioned, none may contest the regiments combat prowess. Countless tales prevail about their couragous actions on the battlefield, from withstanding charges from a horde of Goblin Wolf Riders on the plains of Averland to battling towering Ogres in the Worlds Edge Mountains , the proud Von Kragsburg Guard will always get the job, and always expect their employers to pay up.

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The open plains of Averland. A map of Averland Lacking the Great Forest that covers much of the rest of the Empire, Averland is a series of sun-drenched rolling plains running roughly northwest to southeast between the rivers of the Upper Reik, the Aver, and the Blue Reach.

Within the mountains are the kingdoms of the Dwarfs , which stand between Averland and the Border Princes. Averland is a fertile country, its plains watered by the annual floods of the great rivers that border it. Averlanders see this as a price to pay for having such abundant crops. The interior of Averland is given over to small villages of tenants that dot the vast fiefs of the rural nobility. In the west and central portions of the province, nobles devote themselves mostly to raising the famous Averland longhorn cattle, leading their herds each year to the stockyards of Averheim and Loningbruck for slaughter and export.

While some barons, particually near Nuln, have adopted sophisticated airs and consider themselves above actually guiding a herd to market, more conservative and traditional noble families still consider it a point of honour to personally lead their cattle, showing them off before rivals. Residents of the two towns know to stay out of the local taverns when the cattle lords are in town, as their retainers like nothing better than a good brawl. Grapes are either pressed and the wine made on the estates, or the grapes are transported to nearby towns where brokers will sell them to local Wine makers.

Famous and infamous Averlander wines includes the Grenzstadter White, which fetches high prices in Marienburg where it is the fashion, and Loningbruck "Ruby" Wine, which is produced quickly and cheaply and is popular with discerning beggars from Nuln to Carroburg.

Many humans mine the foothills of the Black Mountains and Worlds Edge Mountains, giving a portion of the take to the local lords in return for rights to work the mine. Few venture too far into the mountains in search of mineral wealth, however, for eventually they would trespass on the claims of the Dwarfs, who have no hesitation about hauling a claim-jumper before a Human court and demanding restitution. The Elector Counts of Averland are anxious to keep the Dwarfs happy, and they have secretly instructed their local vassals to help find for the Dwarfs whenever possible.

Quality furs fetch high prices in the markets of the big cities, and trappers have to be wary of those who would steal their hard-won gains. Masters of horse and chariot warfare, the Brigundians drove out or conquered the existing tribes and made themselves lords of all they surveyed. From their great camps and fort at the future site of Averheim , the kings of the Brigundians made war against the Humans of the Unberogen , Asoborns , and Merogen tribes and the invading bands of Orcs and Goblins.

The Brigundians developed a reputation as fierce warriors who liked to strike fast and hard, and they had the respect of even their bitterest rivals. Indeed, their leader, Siggurd, was given the honour of accompanying Sigmar himself in the final charge at the Battle of Black Fire Pass. Though no longer raiding their neighbors nor riding chariots into battle, Averlanders are steady troops who keep their cool and do not break easily. Their nobles fight in cavalry formations wielding lances and sword, while the foot-militias of pikemen and crossbowmen provide support.

The people of Averland are curious folk. Folk whisper the proud bloodline of the Brigundians has somewhat curdled with time, inbreeding, and the looming influence of the Black Mountains. Known to be generous, especially when entertaining, Averlanders prize those skilled at the art of telling tall stories, something wandering entertainers are very glad of. Dwarfs are also very welcomed in Averland as their plain talking ways are much admired. Astrology and other such superstitions are very popular in Averland, and merchants will often ditch a deal made in "an unfavoruable hour" or on an "unlucky day.

Even Trollslayers have been heard to say that Averlanders are "a bit odd in the head. They resent any implication that their martial prowess is any less than that of any other states. Averlanders are also known for their intolerance of lawyers and contracts, as they imply a man might change his mind. Those dealing with Averlanders are constantly irritated with their insistence that everything be done "on honour" - particularly given their unreliable reputation.

Some whisper this "whim of iron" is in fact a cunning bargaining tool of the Averland merchants. They tend to soften harsh words and elongate vowels. Many artists and young nobles with pretensions to poetry imitate an Averlander accent, in a belief that all great geniuses are touched by madness. Their last legitimate Elector Count , Marius Leitdorf , was killed in IC and no clear claimant to the title has emerged.

The other provinces pointed out that this is typical of Averlanders - where all provinces would have a good, honest, short, sharp war, the Averlanders are insisting on a drawn out game of politics, one-upmanship and devious manoeuvring. The Leitdorfs are relative newcomers to the reins of power - having ousted the ruling Alptraum family and seized power in a brilliant if unconventional coup.

Indeed, many merchants have cause to celebrate this temporary reprieve from Electoral demands, and are in no hurry to see "normality" restored. Ruler: None. Succession of power unclear.


/TG/heim:Legion of the Murderer (Averland Mercenaries)

WAB Corner This site was created late in , just a few years after first becoming involved in wargaming. As you can tell by the name, WAB was my introduction to this community. I appreciate the following and comments this blog receives, and give all thanks and credit to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Troops from Uri participated in many battles, including the Battle of Sempach in to the Battle of Marignano in They also were on the winning side at the Battle of Kappel in during the Reformation in Switzerland. Oh, and the livery is also that of Averland The figures were block painted, then given a Minwax stain, followed by Testors Dullcote, and finally a bit of highlighting.


/TG/heim:Revenge of the Chimera (Averland Mercenaries)

Our first encounter was against a squad of hardened veterans of the chaos gods. We outnumbered them heavily, however, and our ranged attacks slew their pet dog and the constantly-mutating Hunseric went down to an arrow from Imoen. The surviving enemies were eventually overwhelmed in close combat, but not before slaying one of the flaming fist mercenaries and capturing Shar-Teel, whom we ransomed back with the proceeds from further exploring the ruins. The enemy chieftain was sent to the fighting pits, where he had prevailed before, but this time was not so lucky. Another brutal fight to hold ground against the servants of chaos. Many injured but none dead. Our defensive position ultimately proved too difficult for the surviving knights to crack, and the enemy fled after their half-hearted intrusion was repelled.


Von Kragsburg Guard


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