And more than that, for everything, give Him thanks only because He is there. The greatest blessing that He has given to me, is that of knowing Him. This was after He helped me to know myself, which I did not know before. His help is ancient.

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But in the Hereafter there is asevere torment for the disbelievers-evil doers, and there is Forgiveness from Allahand His Good Pleasure for the believers-good doers whereas the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment. He was born in the year H CE and was raised in a house of knowledge andexcellence, at a time when knowledge flourished.

He studied under many Scholars of his time. Renowned for having been a hugely significant Scholar of the Quraan, Hadith, Arabic language,Fiqh and its Usool foundations , Ibnul Qayyim with the aid of Allah, produced exceptionallyinspiring writings. Born in Damascus, he studied with his teacher Ibn Taymiyyah for sixteen years, which had animmense impact upon him. Muslims today are exertingmuch energy in trade, commerce and the accumulation of shares.

As such they havecompletely forgotten about the salvation of their souls. One of the most important tasks forwhich the Prophet Muhammad was sent to this nation was for the purification of the soul.

And verily, they had been before in manifest error. Zuhd doing without the pleasures of the world in a hope of gaining closeness to Allah theExalted and High is one of the greatest ways to purify the soul.

Living simply means you should restrain your desires from worldly things in the hope ofreceiving something better instead. In order to achieve this more easily you should realise that the things which people yearn for inthis world, are in fact worthless when compared with what we hope to achieve in the next life.

The next life however never vanishes. We must learn to withdraw from the life of this worldeven though we may still have a great desire for it in our hearts. The self is always preoccupied with the life of this world, even though we struggle with it andtry to restrain from it. We must learn to withdraw from thelife of this world even though we still have a great desire for it.

The self is always preoccupied with the life of this world, so we must struggle with it and try torestrain and detach ourselves from it to the point where we are able to do without it. He lived off of trade, participated In Jihad and gave generously for the sake of Allah. He was known and respected for his piety and fearof Allah. Umar was a Faqeeh and a man of profound sayings.

The one who loves the life of this world and prefers it to the next life is the lowest of creationand the least intelligent.

Such a person prefers illusion to reality. Whoever is preoccupied with this life, Allah will make poverty apparent in his eyes, andwhoever is preoccupied with the next life, Allah will place wealth within his heart. Brothers and sisters, seekers of the truth, know that love for the life of this world leads toover-emphasizing its importance, when it is insignificant in the sight of Allah, the Exalted. One of the greatest incorrect actions is to attach importance to what Allah considers trivial.

The one who has great love for the life of this world is the one who suffers the most. His issuffering in the life of this world itself as a result of his striving to achieve worldly gains, and hiscompeting with its people over it. He also suffers in his grave because he missed out in this lifeand regrets his lost opportunities, for now he is on his way to meet Allah, his Lord, in such astate that he wishes he will never meet Him.

So dear brothers and sisters love for the life of this world makes the servant becomepreoccupied with it, and prevents him from undertaking actions that will benefit him in thenext world. Allah has condemned it i. He dislikes and disapproves of it, except for whatever itcontains that is duly His. Whoever loves what Allah condemns, dislikes and disapproves of,has left himself open to confusion and temptation, as well as to His disapproval and anger.

So we will utilise all ways and means in order to acquire it, which in fact distractsus from remembering Allah and distracts us from the next life. Allah has provided these thingsfor us in order to lead us to Him and the next life.

We have become rebellious against whatAllah intended us to strive to achieve. We make the means an end in itself, and we use the means that should lead to the next life toacquire the pleasure of this world, and this is a great perversion of what these means wereintended for.

The holy Prophet as well as teaching us how to pray, has taught us how to fast, how to performHajj as well as Umrah and the likes. He has also taught us how to get closer to our Lord. One of these ways was through purification of the soul i. Zuhd in abstaining from the life ofthis world. We must learn, not only to follow the conduct of the Prophet in ritual acts ofworship but also in spiritual acts of worship which consist of purifying ones soul.

Zuhd issomething many of us have neglected, except those whom Allah has mercy upon. We must go back to the way our noble Prophet lived, his life, and how he was with regards tohis Lord, and how he instructed his Ummah Muslim nation with regards to the Zuhd. In a slow process and over a long period of time, I have come to realise that this is from one ofthe biggest problems in my life i.

Zuhd abstaining from the life of this short world with thehope of gaining closeness to Allah the Exalted and High. In my search for the purification of my soul I came across many beneficial works in Arabic,which have not yet been translated into English, by some of the greatest Scholars Islaam hasever seen. All the praises are due to Allah, because He guided me to this work, which I found in mysearch, journey and quest for the betterment of myself and for the revival of my soul.

I thought it befitting then, to address the problem we are all facing, being that we are trying tobecome more repentant and better upon our religion. I ask Allah that this work is a proof forme and not against me. I ask Allah by His greatest Names, that He make it be of benefit to my brothers and sisters,indeed He has the power to do all things.

I would like to thank Sulimaan Bin Haroon forassisting me with this work, and thank those who have helped me in going over this work, andI ask Allah to reward you all greatly and I thank my beloved mother Umm Taalib who hascarried me this way and is still carrying me by the grace of Allah , and also my noble sister whohas helped my mum to also carry me.

I ask Allah to accept this work from me and to forgive me my faults and make this work be abenefit to myself and my brothers and sisters. I also would like to take this opportunity inadvising my brothers and sisters as well as myself that we put into practice what we learn andstrive hard in always pleasing Allah, if any one would like to contact me day or night regardingthis work to correct me on any faults found so I can correct them for its second addition pleasecontact me asap because Arabic is not my first language, therefore I do find many difficulties intranslating such great works of our Ulama the Scholars , so please my dear brothers and dearsisters, advise a weak ignorant Miskeen brother such as myself, if you happen to come acrossany faults found in this work or any of my other works, may God guide me and you all.

We praise Him and seek His help and forgiveness. We seekrefuge with Allah from the evil of our souls and our wrong doings. He whom Allah guides, noone can misguide and he whom He misguides, no one can guide. I bear witness that there is no true god except Allah alone without any partners. Fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims. Be dutiful to Your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from him created its mate, and from them both He created many men and women; and fear Allah through Whom you demand your mutual rights and do not sever the relations of the wombs Kinship Indeed, Allah is Ever an All-Watcher over you.

Fear Allah and say just words. He will then rectify your deeds and forgive your sins. He who obeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly achieved a great victory. But later it becomes dry and broken pieces, which the winds scatter. And Allah is Able to do everything. Wealth and children are theadornment of the life of this world. The Hereafter is far better for him who fears Allah. Although the Hereafter is better and more lasting. But the provision good reward in the Hereafter of your Lord is better and more lasting.

We have made that which is on the earth as an adornment for it, in order that We may test them mankind as to which of them are best in deeds. And Verily! We shall make all that is on the earth a bare dry soil without vegetation or trees etc.

And for their houses, doors of silver , and thrones ofsilver on which they could recline; and adornments of gold. Yet all this i. And the Hereafter with your Lord is only for the pious and righteous person. At the same time, He Allah encourages the believers by placing inthem, an awaking desire for the next life and explaining the pleasures and delights of aneverlasting bliss.

So if Allah wants good for His slave, He shows His slave the reality of thisdebased and fleeting life.

So which of the two should take precedence over the other, this lifeor the next? Many have defined the meaning of Zuhd. And Allah likes not prideful boasters. Rather, one should turn away from it; it is said Zuhd means to refrainfrom this Dunya world , without showing off.

The second: Leaving the preferred things even though Halaal permissible ; this is for thespecific types of people from the upright and steadfast. The third: Leaving the things that distract you from Allah; this is the Zuhd of theknowledgeable ones.

The second: Lack of desire for leadership. The third: Moderation in ones appearance. The forth: Not engaging too much with the people. The fifth: learning to control his desires. Furthermore Prophet Muhammad who also gave up the life of this world had nine wives. Also Ali Ibn Abee Taalib, Abdul Rahmaan Ibn Awf, Zubeer and Uthmaan, were all noblemen recognized for renouncing this temporary life; yet, at the same time, these men wereknown to be wealthy.

Hasan Ibn Ali was known amongst the companions to be one who gave up this short life,regardless of the fact that he loved women and loved to marry them. But, ratherZuhd is that you acknowledge that what Allah the Exalted has i.

The Conclusion:So if the permissible things distract the slave away from Allah, then it is preferred for the slaveto abstain from them. And if he sees that these permissible acts aid him and strengthen hisrelationship with Allah, increasing his thankfulness to Allah, then it is better to continue doingthem. So if the slave were to refrain from doing the above-mentioned things, he would bedenying the heart, which is in need and want of such nourishment, much good. And Allahknows best.

Meaning that if the slaves desiresa thing that does not benefit him in the Hereafter he refrains from it , with the exceptionof matters regarding his Lord. Other than this, one should abstain and should remove theurge from his heart and give up craving for this thing. Zuhd until he his first abstains from the unlawful acts, which he abstainsfrom out of fear of blame from the people.

Secondly, the slave dislikes that Allah the Exalted and High will decrease his status i. Thirdly, the slave dislikes, spending his time with the evil, corrupt and sinning folk.


Practising az-Zuhd in the Dunya

Nat Even if it was alive, its small ears will be a deficiency, so how about when it is dead? This is the station of asceticism az-zuhd zuhv is an honorable station al-maqam. Zuhe those who are patient, We will certainly pay them a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do. It has been said that there are three kinds of asceticism. They have cut off all attachments, except their attachment to Allah. Pin It on Pinterest.


L'asc├ętisme (Zuhd)

But in the Hereafter there is asevere torment for the disbelievers-evil doers, and there is Forgiveness from Allahand His Good Pleasure for the believers-good doers whereas the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment. He was born in the year H CE and was raised in a house of knowledge andexcellence, at a time when knowledge flourished. He studied under many Scholars of his time. Renowned for having been a hugely significant Scholar of the Quraan, Hadith, Arabic language,Fiqh and its Usool foundations , Ibnul Qayyim with the aid of Allah, produced exceptionallyinspiring writings.


Az-Zuhd By Ibnul Qayyim Al-Jawzeeyah

The World of Jinn Spirits Written by troid. What are they? Do they possess people? Are they Muslims? Throughout history man has always had a deep attraction for the supernatural and the unseen. The existence of a world parallel to our own has always fascinated people.


[E-book] Az-Zuhd by Ibnul Qayyim Al-Jawzeeyah

Az-Zuhd is, "The opposite of being eager and concerned about the dunya the life of this world. It also entails being eager for the reward of practicing patience during the calamity, if a calamity touches you, more than if the calamity did not touch you as in this case, one will not gain the reward for observing patience during hard times. However, one should not wish for disasters to hit. Az-Zuhd resides in the heart, and it can be achieved by ridding the heart of the slave from the love and the eagerness for this life. Az-Zuhd does not entail abandoning the dunya altogether. Yet, he married nine times. Yet, they were also among the zuhhad those who observe zuhd.

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