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The recommended supply voltage for this circuit is 12V DC. The power supply must be well regulated and filtered. BA requires a heatsink. The circuit can be assembled on a perf board without much degradation in performance. Few other stereo amplifier circuits that you may like.

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Last seen: 2 years 5 months ago Joined: Feb 26 - pm Questions about the stereo power amplifier BA Hello fellow stereophile forum users, I am having a bit of trouble with the specs of the components needed.

C2 and C6 couples the amplifiers left and right power outputs to the corresponding loud speakers. C1 and C5 are bootstrap capacitors. Bootstrapping is a method in which a portion of the amplifiers is taken and applied to the input. The prime objective of bootstrapping is to improve the input impedance. Networks R1,C3 and R2,C7 are meant for improving the high frequency stability of the circuit.

C4 is the power supply filter capacitor. S1 is the standby switch. C8 is a filter capacitor. R3 and R4 sets the gain of the left and right channels of the amplifier in conjunction with the 39K internal feedback resistors.

The circuit can be assembled on a perf board without much degradation in performance. But I was curious on the specs of the components needed.

Additionally, what wattage must the resistors be rated at? Could I assume that R1 and R2 must be able to handle 5 watts because they are on the same lines as the speakers?

My final question is regarding the speakers. I understand that when using a circuit that accommodates 4ohm loudspeakers, using 8ohm speakers will be safe for the circuit, but is there a way I can optimize the circuit for 8ohm speakers instead? Log in or register to post comments Loudspeakers.


BA5417 Rohm Semiconductor, BA5417 Datasheet



Semi-conducteur: BA5417 (BA 5417) - PUISSANCE AMPLIFICATEUR / 2X1.3W / 8E / 9V...



2×5 W Stereo power amplifier circuit based on BA5417.


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