A night on the town leads to a few kisses, which leads to…a nine-month countdown! Practical Anna suggests marriage, but the gorgeous bachelor turns her down flat. Evan always felt like an adopted member of the boisterous Berzani clan. How can he marry her, though…when he knows marriage is nothing but heartache? Dear Ms. Is there a way to write a pregnancy book without having the heroine come up with all sorts of excuses to account for morning sickness?

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Start your review of Baby Bombshell Write a review Nov 22, Carmen rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No One Shelves: american-author , fiction , harlequin-american-romance , romance , she-says , traditionally-published , published All day, she had been bracing herself for the coming storm.

Time after time, she had warned herself of the worst possibilities: his horror, revulsion, panic, anger. At the same time, some irrepressible part of her wished for the opposite, that Evan would feel happy, loving and proud like a father-to-be was supposed to feel. But she had to bury that fantasy deep. False hope did her no good. They met when she was 7 and he was Now they are 26 and Such as: He comes and visits Anna Marie in San Francisco because he wants her to work on a project with him and her parents whom he considers like parents also.

She has worked very hard to move thousands of miles away from her overbearing, overprotective Italian-American family. She has a great place and a great job in SF. He wants to take her away from that because he wants to make money. Fuck her feelings or wants. He would just have to pull out all the stops.

The possibilities sent a shiver over his skin and he pushed the thought away. Some methods were off-limits, no matter how worthy the prize and tantalizing the victim.

Evan - in chapter one - is presented as a cold, harsh, furious man who coolly turns on the charm to seduce women. He takes Anna to dinner and when they are done they have sex. Who knows why, after all these years, they finally have sex. Who knows. She wakes up the next morning in a cold bed. Evan is gone. No note, no goodbye.

Three weeks later. After coming back to Maryland, he is cold and distant to her when she has to see him at family gatherings. She is crushed. Things get even worse when she finds out she is pregnant. The horrified panic in his eyes, his face as white as porcelain, told her everything.

Evan KNEW. A terror flooded through Anna, making her shake. Part of her had gripped tightly to the fantasy of his excitement, his joy. But Evan was NOT going to be excited. He was NOT going to hold her and tell her he was happy. He was NOT going to proclaim his love for her and the child they had created. And worst of all, since Antonio her father was still on a manhunt, Evan had obviously not told anyone that he was the father to be.

This cowardly piece of shit then expects her not to tell anyone he is the father. Not saying anything. She darted a quick glance at Evan who stood with his hands in his pockets, his eyes on the floor.

Instinctively, she knew there would be no help from him. What a scumbag piece of trash. What a surreal moment: here was her family, threatening the father of her baby while the man stood right in the room. The piece of trash is irritated with her. What was she supposed to say, here in front of her parents, her brothers, his best friend? It was his family, too. The more he thought of it, the more irritated he became.

Got her pregnant. Stand up, and take care of your responsibilities like a man. You fucking piece of shit. He bristled. His earlier concern for her well-being disappeared in a heartbeat.

I want you to tell me to wake up from this nightmare. Then he walks in on her hugging her gay boss and flips the fuck out. Talk to her. Be with her. Tell anyone he is the father of her child. Seriously do not get him. You know. Just to make Anna Marie feel better about things.

A text message would have made my day. Sucking in a deep breath, he held it, then let it out slowly. Ruff is a good writer - she was tearing my heart out with this book. Because he buys her herbal tea and a ginger ale. THEN the author is like, "Oh, boo hoo, he had a rough childhood.

He had a bad childhood! Plenty of people have bad childhoods. Two, divorce? Give me a break, book. Anna Marie is all, "Oh, poor baby. I had no idea your parents were fighting! I want to have sex with him again right now! Are you!?!?!!? But he did neither of these things. She would never need anything more than this. Fuck this shit. Fuck it. Then he is a bit conflicted, because after all, he does like fucking her.

Did he love her? He knew he liked having her around his house. She was easy to work and play with: funny, intelligent, undemanding, beautiful.

They were incredible in bed together. He wanted her and she wanted him, that was clear. You garbage. Come closer. I am going to murder you, Evan. Prepare for death, Evan. If you just want a fuck-buddy, you picked the wrong person. And you know clearly who she is. Seven years old. Do you have no compassion? No heart? No amount of actually caring for her or respecting her at all?! Are you even human?! You seem more like an emotionless sociopath or something. That fucker. The book, of course, view spoiler [ends with him proposing and saying "I love you.

For some reason. On what level - on what planet - is this guy supposed to be attractive?!!? The mind boggles. I want romance. That is romantic.


Baby Bombshell

When not exploring the city with her husband and friends, she is working on her next novel. Read an Excerpt Anna Berzani bent over the drafting table, spreading a layer of vellum over the site plan. Her laptop sat open next to her, flashing the photos she had taken while visiting the site. Sketching quickly, she outlined her idea for the new building, translating the vision in her head from three dimensions to two. She could see the contours of the land cradling the glass, steel and concrete.


REVIEW: Baby Bombshell by Lisa Ruff

Anna Berzani moved halfway across the country to get away from her overprotective family. The hard edge of the table bit into her palms, bringing some measure of sanity. His gaze flickered down to her mouth for a second, then lifted back to her eyes. Evan walked over to her desk and picked up a paperweight. She knew better than to show any weakness.



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