Tweet Patchbays can be intimidating. There are dozens of different cables. Everything is color coded in some cryptic language. And one wrong move can bring things to a screeching halt. Patchbays are actually pretty simple. Most commercial studios use a patchbay — especially those with a console.

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Design complex patching systems and impress clients with gorgeous labels within minutes. Keep track of client details, patchbay location, revisions and notes. Accurate and consistent prints allow you to make last minute changes on site that the client forgot to tell you about and print new labels on any local printer! You have enough surprises on an installation. Labelling the patch should not be one of them.

No more. And when the client comes back months down the line to ask you to print new labels for them because they added a new device to the outboard patch, you can make the amendment in seconds and impress the hell out of them!

Stop that right now! Print new perfectly fitting labels for your patchbay just like it deserves! Print elegant labels with PatchCAD! Used worldwide by top recording facilities, producers, broadcasters, venues, installation companies, retailers, manufacturers and governments. Join Mailing List To stay up to date with PatchCAD news, developments and tutorials, and to receive exclusive offers, join our mailing list.

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Behringer PX3000 Ultrapatch Pro

But really, once you know the fundamental rules and conventions the process is as easy as running cables from one piece of gear to the next. Take into account that most of us end up unplugging three cables by accident for every one we successfully add and you can understand why a patchbay is a non-negotiable piece of equipment. Patchbays are becoming increasingly important due to the increased popularity of structured wiring, where commercial buildings and homes are built with cabling within the walls and flooring. There is no rewiring in these cases so even the casual user is beginning to be confronted with the issue of using a patch panel. Since collaboration and communication are critical for efficiently recording high-quality music and audio while the creative juices are flowing, nothing is more important than unraveling this mystery and putting it back together in our heads in the same way others have.


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