Biography[ edit ] Nishkulanand Swami was born on 15 January to a Suthar family residing in a small village called Shekhpat, near Jamnagar in present-day Gujarat , India. Nishkulanand Swami prepared it during night only. When he left the human body, all the other saints asked him to prepare a palanquin. He said, "It is ready" and brought it. Everyone asked him, "When he was alive, how did you prepare it?

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The site has been completely redesigned with new information added. History of some Vachanamruts, mahima, nirupan, and prasangs have been added.

These teachings are a goldmine of practical spiritual wisdom and guidance, clarifying issues of practical and philosophical importance to all genuine spiritual aspirants.

Gunatitanand Swami himself has explained the glory of these talks, that they are the talks of Akshardham. These are great for memorizing.

Their kirtans have greatly added to the treasure trove of Gujarati literature. This mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly site includes all kirtans found in the BAPS Kirtan Muktavali Parts 1 and 2 and other newer unpublished kirtans in Unicode Gujarati and English transliteration.

Sep 25, Listen to select kirtan audios. Hope everyone will welcome the new change! The Harililamrutam is a treasure-filled granth in the Gujarati literature. The granth is written in various chhands, adding various sentiments to the incidents. Moreover, the granth imparts practical words of wisdom.

All these books are of great value. Purushottam Prakash praises the supreme glory of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. In the Chosath Padi he describes in detail the virtues of a true sadhu and a pseudo-sadhu, teaching us how to distinguish between them.

These pages contain the prakarans of the Bhaktachintamani in Unicode Gujarati, Harikrishna Gujarati, and English transliteration. Titles have been given to the prakarans to aide in finding prakarans. The Bhaktachintamani is a large granth. To read the essence of the Bhaktachintamani, see Chintamani Sar. June 3, English translation added. The Gujarati books have only been available in PDF format, however.

Filling the void, the Gujarati eBooks in the ePub format are now available from Anirdesh so that everyone can read the books on their mobile device. Prarambh, Pravesh, Parichay, and Pravin books are now available for download. The pages and content is still under development and will be updated as time permits.

This site offers everything you wanted to know about typing in Gujarati and maybe more. The tabs also contain useful tools such as converting from non-Unicode Harikrishna fonts to Unicode fonts.


Nishkulanand Swami





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