His brief life was a divine event. The Bhagavad Gita embodies the essence of the Vedic Religion within a short compass and in the most popular form. Jnaneshwar Maharaj had, at a very young age, a vision of that Light and he gave discourses on the Gita which came to be known as Bhavartha Dipika or Jnaneshwari, bringing to light the deeper meaning and hidden significance of the dialogue between the Blessed Lord and Arjuna. This very original Commentary, long confined to Marathi and a few other Indian languages in translation, was made available for the first time to the world at large by Sri Ramchandra Keshav Bhagwat in a complete English translation, published in two volumes in and His commentary on VI.

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Vurn The calves of the legs should make contact with the tbibgs, while the soles should be C made flat and pressed against the bottom of anus. No further apology, I believe, is dipija. Read more Read less. Great kings Virata and others who were the leading warriors were also sounding several of their conches repeatedly. Thus you shall spread your fame in the world, heighten the sense of respect for Self-religion duty. Here are brothers-in law, fathers-in-law, maternal uncles, brethren, relatives and also sons and grand-soos, all appear relations.

Bhavartha-dipika quoted But before reaching the destination, and not being able to hhavartha the step takenthe sun of his soul s longevity sets in its journey and he gets stranded. All the senses arc lured by the beautiful shape of letters, even before the tongue of intellect tastes the sweet juice of meaning in the heart of the letters.

Vet, I should say one thing and you will lend your attention to it for a moment. In future years of my service-life I could hardly get any leisure to attend to such things: Against whom should I wield atms? Now to abandon this war and get dipped into lamentation over what IS merely fancied is like you yourself courting your own dis- aster O Arjuna, it would amount to your voluntarily losing the fame acquired by ancestocs, wete you to lay down the arms m this battle Your esisting fame will wane and the whole world will censure you and mortal serious sms will dipiika you out djpika suck up to you.

Bhagwat that he should have finished the work in such a short time as four years and eight months. In that way the beauty of the. In plain words, this Fraknti matter ] spreads out this enure universe of created things having different names and forms And this Trakriti is an appearance grounded in My Divine Being. Then ceases the awareness of the distinctions of separate beings, the objects of the senses as also the senses them- selves, all merging in the Supreme Unity of the Brahman, revealed in the complete intuition of the Self.

Docs not the tongue rebelling against its noxious enemy, even refuse an efficatious and divine medicine that has got the power of holding dipikw longevity and bringing back the very departing soul? Foreword I have great pleasure in writing this foreword to the translation of the Jnaneshwari by Diwan Bahadur R. Such an exalted soul is exceedingly hard to find Dny — Such a devotee has indeed conquered all obstacles put by passion? That about which 1 told you juat now, and that which is called Adhiyadnya IS, from the beginning to the end only Myself, and those chat know this, consider this human body as a mere outer cover ilr?

IV, ] such bcrvightcd souls ever attain to the vision of ray Divine essence? This is one of the best known commentaries from thediscourses given by Jnanadeva Maharaj some seven hundred years ago.

Notify me when this item is available. Wonderful items and service! Just as the gold gets pure as soon as the alloy in it is burned down, so the finite soul becomes the Supreme Soul as dipiia as his mind rids itself of bhavaftha notion of worldly being.

Entering service in his teens, by dint of honest and diligent work, he rose from the clerical level to a position bhavqrtha high responsibility in the Revenue Department of the then Bombay Presidency. Even Shri Jnaneshwar Maharaj-the very God incarnate of knowledge-expressed a sort of diffidence while starting the work of composing Jnaneshwari, as will be seen from the following verses:.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Just as the spirit leaves the body of a person, the span of whose life is over: Others there arc who grant that the universe is beginningless ; and in it things separate and dormant are like one another bhzvartha but to them the differences -are due to names and forms. Bhavartua, who had spent his life in hard official work for about forty years, should immediately after his retirement apply himself to such a difficult task as the transla- tion of the Jnaneshwari?

How can a small eyc-fly hold in Its fist the big sky? They are the stones of the fort in the form of this mortal body and the ramparts of the town in the form of sensuous pleasures that imprison the soul. Thus the work of revision, bhavargha also of typing went on hand in hand and both these were completed in the month of December Just as milk mixed with leaven, clots into curds, in the same way, the Prakriti bodies forth as the created universe.

Not only thb, but the wiie sky looks small by the side of the vast glory of the name of the Yogin. One should abide in this fitting posture in this state of self-realisation. The water fall on a higher level of course flows down to the bottom ; in the same way to bow to each and every being seen, is their nature. They devotedly worship as God any idol they see before them, and throw it away as Godless as soon as it gets cracked.

They do not even understand the language of the external objects, having abiding eternal bliss m the interior. Based on your browsing history. R Yardi Hardcover Edition: Both these sounds getting combined tendered the whole universe insensible, giving the impression that the very heavens were going to crash dowr.

Exotic India you are great! Should a Paris, luckily come to hand, one shall surely extract gold from iron, which is beyond the power of alchemy. Abhimanyu, son of Subhadra and the very prototype of Arjuna. Hate makes her jaws, which crust down knowledge. Balkrishna Anant Bhide; and when I began just to compare the translation I made with that version, I found great divergence between the two.

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Shakale Even though he abides in the body form, he is free from conceit in regard to it, and things would have been made more clear by preaching, had it been possible to do so. He spoke highly of it but added, that being no longer available, it was worth reprinting. See, if the whole lineage gets sunk down in this way, then tbeir Manes that have already gone to Heaven, do also sink down Where, the day-to-day and occasional religious duties cease to be performed m various ways, then who would offer to the Manes the Tilodaka water and sesame mixed together and what would the forefathers do without It, and how could they continue m Heaven? It is the only Supreme thing to be attained. The two paths arc essentially one and the same in the vision of those who have teaUsed the essence of the absolute Self.


Dnyaneshwari is widely popular work possessing a germinal quality with regard to poetic traditions which were soon established in the Marathi language. Unique exponence, it at once strikes as an original composition — an expression of the personality of Dnyaneshwar and his philosophy. Readers often have to remind themselves that it is a commentary of Bhagwad Geeta. Saint Dnyaneshwar lived during the 13th Century A. It was against this background that Dnyaneshwar interpreted the Geeta in the popular language of the common people. Through his work, Dnyaneshwar sought to reform society by discouraging corrupt practices, re-emphasising moral values, discarding rituals from the Bhakti Marg and pleading for abandonment of the rigid caste system.


Belvalkar for permission to use his English translation of the Gita and to Bhavartha dipika V. Therefore, there is nothing more to be said on this. I will do it. May it be bhavartha dipika this entire cosmic process, made up of the moveables and immoveables, goes on merely as the pastime Then why there appear lakhs of diverse orders of living beings? Now to abandon this war and get dipped into lamentation over what IS bhavartha dipika fancied is like you yourself courting your own dis- aster O Arjuna, it would amount to your voluntarily losing the fame acquired by ancestocs, wete you to lay down the arms m this battle Your esisting fame bhavartha dipika wane and the whole world will censure you and mortal serious sms will seek you out and suck up to you. Pandit is very well deserved.

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