Tijan "You ready? While Brady rang the doorbell I felt my heartbeat through my toes. The silent wait was long and tense. I was going to explode in one second and completely calm the next instant. Then I was back to being numb until the door opened. I braced myself, but some stranger in another dark blue suit stood there.

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It was a Friday night, now Saturday morning and I knew that my best friend had gone to a party. He always chose the party. I always chose to stay home for some good sense and a good book. Then the phone rang again and I picked it up before it woke my grandma. No one wanted that. I rubbed the grit out of my eyes and scooted up against my headboard. Years had prepared me for what this phone call was going to be.

Can you come get me? Brady had stayed an extra five days with a doubled bail. I had not thought it was cute. He had. So are you coming or what? Why do we always have to go there? Then I threw back the sheets and my grin vanished. The cold air blasted me, but I threw some clothes on and ignored my sudden chills. With some money stuffed in my back pocket I headed out the window and swung free from the last rung in the ladder to the ground. However, the full moon was out and it highlighted the clothesline while I ducked underneath.

Two squad cars were positioned at the front, but I knew they parked in the rear too. His beige uniform had been pulled out of his pants with the tails in desperate need of an iron.

The blonde comb-over had been neglected at some point that evening with thin wisps pointed in every direction except the way they were supposed to go, to the left.

Deputy Doug had looked better, but I refused to believe it had anything to do with Brady. It was hardly a worthwhile weekend for Brady without a trip to jail. My stomach dropped. Kid used to be best friends with Brady, but he moved away two summers ago. He was the male me for Brady. Stephens is going to press charges against Brady and do you know what that means?

He bought most of the town, sold almost all of the businesses, and made millions off the entire exchange. To say that he was pompous and an ass was an understatement.

Although we all knew this day would come… Doug banged the papers on the table and aligned them a little too roughly. His blonde hair was flatter than normal and his tee shirt had been ripped across the chest. When he turned and I caught sight of the tattoo on his back, I saw that the entire back section of his shirt was gone too.

The fight had gone bad, too bad. When my best friend caught sight of me, the sparkling blue eyes sobered. Not ever. When he took the papers from Deputy Doug, his shoulders tensed. I moved to his side and took the papers. I shooed him away. The papers read another court date where Brady would have to appear for assault charges.

He assaulted Kidrick Stephens. We have witnesses that corroborate this. Most days that meant fighting, but this time was different. I realized that Brady wanted to see this thing through. He ripped the papers out of my hands. I have no problem dealing with him.

The door slammed shut on his heel. Deputy Doug raised a hand to scratch his forehead. His fingers moved his comb-over backwards. He crinkled the papers on the counter. Brady messed up. He messed up real good this time. You know me. You know me and everyone else in town. We take kindly to Brady. He had the car running and the passenger door opened for me. As soon as I got inside, he shot around and I fell across the seat into his lap.

One of his arms wrapped around my waist and pinned me in place. This is enough. Safety first. Being pissy later. This was not the time for my stupid crush to act up. His shoulder muscles were bunched together and they only moved when his arm jerked to steer the car. An unnerving emotion washed over me.

Brady was fallible, that had never been questioned, but the fact that he might regret his fights—that had never been considered. When he fought, there was always a reason behind it. Someone got hurt, insulted, disrespected. He never fought with bad intentions; it was always to protect others. There was something about him that made people believe in him.

Brady bulldozed his way through anything and anyone. Was it? Instead, he slammed on the brakes and cursed.

Then he pounded his hand against the steering wheel. So many things were off. The night started out wrong and it was only going to get worse. I felt like I needed to bully him how he always bullied me.

I was ashamed in that moment. And then—I watched, mesmerized, as Brady collapsed right before my eyes. His shoulders slumped.

His face closed off and he seemed to crumble in front of me. As I did, I was aware of how close we were…and was it hot in here?

I was about to burst into flame. Then I felt Brady turn and cup my face in turn. His thumb started to caress my lips and rub against my bottom lip. He started to play with it.

He stretched it out and then dipped between my two lips…and, oh my god, it slipped inside. My heart was going to pound itself out of my chest. Brady rested his forehead rest against mine. It dipped back out and slid against my cheek. It was Brady who was touching me, but it took another second before I pulled myself out of my haze.

I caught his hand and pulled back to give us some space. Then everything was forgotten when his eyes met mine. My hand reached for his face and cupped the side of his cheek. I was starting not to care… He closed his eyes and moved into my touch.

Nothing needed to change…and then he dipped his head to the crook of my shoulder and something washed over me. I wrapped my arms around him and closed my eyes to hold him tight. I no longer knew where I ended and Brady began. He clasped me tighter. And then he kissed me. He kissed my neck and I groaned in surrender. That was all Brady needed.


Brady Remington Landed Me in Jail

How stupid of a name is that. He could do a lot better than that girl. Brady is nice enough to be her only friend. I thought maybe…Clarissa? Hello—her name is Cum-berly for a reason.


Brady Remington Landed Me In Jail (2012)

I found this more of a heartwarming story about two kids who were essentially throw-aways, but somehow found each other and made the world their own. Unlike other Tijan books, I found much compassion in this novel from secondary characters. Tijan is probably my second favorite author. But this book just seemed so


My legs had cramped up. Some girls go up on the bank and take a squat. You could do that if you want. As I started to wiggle back and forth on the tube to switch positions, he asked, "So are you and Clarissa friends?

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