Length: 8 hrs and 31 mins Unabridged 5 out of 5 stars 7 Performance 4. Global super-storms decimate the planet, eradicating most of mankind. Pockets of survivors gather on mountaintops, watching as the waters climb higher and higher. But as the tides rise, something else is rising, too. Now, in the midst of an ecological nightmare, the remnants of humanity face a new menace, in a battle that stretches from the rooftops of submerged cities to the mountaintop islands jutting from the sea.

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Shelves: favorites , horror , , top-notch-terror , halloween-horror-binge , pubs , fiction , own , hands , own-read As we all know, there is this patronizing line people use when they are ashamed of liking something. They may refer to is as a guilty pleasure, and then, as if to indemnify themselves from humiliation, will cowardly mutter something along the lines of I liked it for what it was.

Well, no shit! Does anybody like something for what it isnt? Perhaps they do. Oh that Camus and his sanguine romps! After all, the best thing about some books is that they arent by James Patterson, or one of his As we all know, there is this patronizing line people use when they are ashamed of liking something. But my point is easily understood, I think, and probably well advertised.

His situations as well, because although I reject or am at least limitlessly skeptical of any supernatural explanations of events, even as a useful theory, I am not detached from the frightened glee of childhood when something mysterious happens, or when we swear to God that we saw a monster lurking about. That is the sort of affection I possess for this novel, and the writer over all. Who among us has not consulted their comics and accumulated imaginative bestiaries for interpretational guidance in strange goings-on?

Some aspects of a couple of the young characters were certainly not as typical e. This is a coming-of-age tale I know, but it really is. I loved revisiting that adventurous-cum-slightly-mischievous spirit, which was so appropriately and reverently implemented the likes of which are degraded by shows like Ghost Hunters and Monster Quest.

Literal monsters, societal monsters, inner monsters; they will eventually devour it all.


Brian Keene

Plot summary[ edit ] Timmy Graco and his best friends Barry Smetzler and Doug Keiser are looking forward to a summer they will never forget; they have made the perfect secret underground clubhouse in the local cemetery known as "the dugout. As they finish the boy realizes a figure has been watching them. Another figure comes before sunrise and cleans up the mess. Timmy sees his longtime crush Katie Moore whose older sister has gone missing.



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