Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Always tighten securely, but do not over-tighten the clamps. Where has your bike taken you today? Ask your Cannondale Dealer to help you develop a complete fork maintenance program, one that suits where and how you ride. That pro stickers on the bike? Lyne Components launches The Holy Rail on-bike storage system.

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Release the air pressure via the Schrader valve at the bottom of the leg. Slide the lockout lever straight up and off the fork. Loosen the outer collar using your Shimano bottom bracket tool. Slide the collar off. You can use a toe strap to hold the wheel up or simply use your foot or leg to hold it up. Remove the half-moon split rings that are under the upper cap. No tools necessary. You can pull them apart with your fingers.

Let go of the wheel so the damper slides back into the fork tube. Now, measure from the top of the threads at the top of the fork to the bottom of the fork leg. The millimeter travel Lefty 4. It is easy. Lift the front wheel and tap it down a few times. Measure again, and repeat this set until you get the full or measurement.

The fork will make a solid sound when the bearings are at their proper height. Loosen the clamp at the top of the fork boot the rubber accordion thing.

Your fork may have a zip-tie instead of a clamp. If so, you need to cut it off. Slide the fork boot down to reveal the ultra-cool square fork leg.

If it is dirty, wipe it clean. Lift the wheel up and down a few times and wipe it again. Now the fun part. Wipe grease on the four flat surfaces of the fork leg. Slide the boot back up. Be sure to overlap with the air filter boot. Tighten the band clamp or replace the zip tie. Above the fork boot is a rubber sleeve with a foam filter inside. A bonus tip is to pull the clamp off the top of the sleeve to access the filter.

Pull the sleeve away and spray a small amount of air filter oil available from any motorcycle store. Lift the front wheel up with your foot and replace the two split rings into the upper cap of the damper. These rings are marked so you can tell the top from the bottom. Lower the wheel so the damper slides into the fork leg, and thread on the outer collar. Hand-tighten the outer collar, and use the Shimano bottom bracket tool to snug it one-quarter turn.

Replace the lockout lever to a position of your preference and tighten the pinch bolt. The following links will take you to more Garage Files.


Cannondale Lefty MAX Owner's Manual



Repair / Maintenance Help


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