For five and a half years, Carly Fiorina led Hewlett-Packard through major internal changes, the worst technology slump in decades, and the most controversial merger in high-tech history. Yet just as things were about to turn around, she was abruptly fired, making front-page news around the world. Fiorina has been the subject of endless debate and speculation. But she has never spoken publicly about crucial details of her time at HP, about the mysterious circumstances of her firing, or about many other aspects of her landmark career.

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Oct 04, Brian Mcquaig rated it really liked it Please note I read the abridged audio version of this book. I "read" this book because I was tired of hearing, "I know someone at HP and they hate her because she ruined the company They were talking out of their ass I find those kinds of people transparent as in finding aggrandizement of themselves in Please note I read the abridged audio version of this book.

Such is the ignorance that leads you down a path of stupidity and stupid decisions in your own life. Her side of the HP story gave me a lot of clarity on what I heard from the other side.

Although I see through some "massaging" of certain situations, it is clear that Carly is an articulate and honest person who also happens to be wickedly intelligent and has a work ethic to match. I urge you to read this and other books to get the entire picture of what actually happened at HP and who Carly Fiorina is, as a person. This woman is extraordinary. She exhibits spectacular moral courage, ethical conviction, daring creativity and infectious charisma.

This is a story about a meteoric rise to greatness, leadership and stupendous achievement that anyone, whether in business or not, can use as inspiration.

She is a dynamo and this is not only an addictively compelling story but supremely well-written and carefully crafted. She was a philosophy major. She studied Ancient Greek and Latin. What more needs to be said? A must read.


Tough Choices: A Memoir



Data Protection Choices


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