He hath, out of His own underived energy, created heaven and earth, and all that in them is. That Jesus of Nazareth was the Son of God, begotten of the virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit, without the intervention of man, and afterwards anointed with the same Spirit, without measure, at his baptism. That the appearance of Jesus of Nazareth on the earth was necessitated by the position and state into which the human race had been brought by the circumstances connected with the first man. That the first man was Adam, whom God created out of the dust of the ground as a living soul, or natural body of life, "very good" in kind and condition, and he was placed under a law through which the continuance of life was contingent on obedience. That Adam broke this law, and was sentenced to return to the ground from whence he was taken- a sentence which in effect defiled and became a physical law of his being, and was transmitted to all his posterity.

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Resources Our Faith and Beliefs The Christadelphians are a world-wide community of Bible students whose fellowship is based on a common understanding of the Scriptures. Our name comes from Colossians "to the saints and faithful brethren in Christ which are at Colosse In the original Greek, this phrase is "delphos en Christos", which was reordered into "Christadelphian".

We have no central organization telling us what to do and believe. Neither are we some fringe group following a charismatic leader or some internal text. The Christadelphians believe there is one God, who is all-powerful, who dwells in heaven in "unapproachable light", and who desires that we seek an eternal relationship with Him. God has revealed his name as Yahweh, which we are called on to praise and adore.

The Christadelphians believe that Jesus the Christ is the son of God, who came to fulfill the Old Testament promises and covenants of God with mankind, primarily the covenants with Eve, Abraham and David. We believe that Jesus is a man , who was tried and tempted as we are, yet who resisted sin even until death.

The Christadelphians embrace the hope of resurrection to eternal life at the return of Christ. We believe that this will take place soon.

At that time the kingdom of God will be established from Jerusalem, growing to encompass the whole world, offering freedom, hope and salvation to all mankind. The people of Israel , as the literal descendants of Abraham, will have a special place in this kingdom.

The Christadelphians believe that salvation is attained through faith in Christ. It is through faith that we are baptised into Christ for forgiveness of sins, and thereby participate in the promises to Abraham: to inherit the earth forever. The Christadelphians memorialize the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ through the sharing of bread and wine each time we meet together in worship, as Jesus commanded.

This "breaking of bread" or "communion" is shared among our members who have declared their faith and have been baptised. Doctrinally, the Christadelphians are unique in Christendom in our understanding of the nature of Christ , and the way in which we are redeemed by his death.

We reject as unbiblical the idea that Christ could die as a replacement sacrifice for us, thus covering all our sins forever with that one act. Certainly it is through his sacrifice that we may be forgiven, but only if we walk the path of self-denial that he marked out for us. If you wish to know more about what we believe and preach, a detailed Statement of Faith is online. We also have a compiled list of the Commandments of Christ. The Christadelphians Worldwide The Christadelphians became a distinct group about the middle of the nineteenth century, in the eastern United States.

Since then, we have grown across the world, with core communities in the U. The name "Christadelphian" comes from a reordering of words in Colossians "To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ which are at Colosse A Community of Bible Students The Christadelphians believe that the Bible 66 books is the inspired word of God, complete and self-sufficient to instruct us in the way of salvation. We do not believe that any Christadelphian, past or present, has received any type of special revelation.

It is only through sustained and prayerful reading of the Scriptures that we come to an understanding of the purpose of God in our lives, and how He would have us conduct ourselves day to day.

How we are Organized The Christadelphians have no central leadership. The highest level of organization is the ecclesia i. It is our distinct beliefs and dedication to hospitality that have enabled us to survive as a separate community, though in most places we are quite thinly spread. Christ fulfilled the promise to Eve, that one of her seed would crush the serpent Genesis He fulfills the covenant with Abraham, that in his seed would all the nations of the earth be blessed Genesis , Gal.

It was always the understanding of these men and women that the Messiah would be their descendant. Jesus is a Man, not God! We believe that the Bible is quite clear in its presentation that Christ is a man. The Son of God, but certainly not God Himself. The bulk of mainstream Christianity has staked its life on the assertion that Jesus is God. However, this is to be rejected for the following inescapable reasons, and many more: God is one. There can only be one true God.

It is undeniable that Jesus referred to himself and the Father as separate. To fly in the face of this the most fundamental of Biblical teachings, in any way, is to venture out onto very thin ice. Mortality and immortality are mutually exclusive characteristics. God is immortal, and cannot die. Jesus died. If you alter this, all Scripture is inexorably weakened. Jesus always very clearly pointed out his subservience to God; in power, teaching and life itself. To assert their equality is untenable.

Mortal humans cannot exist in the direct presence of God. As Exodus says, no man can see God and live. Therefore, to say Jesus was fully God and fully man violates scripture, since thousands of people saw Jesus.

We believe the trinity ideology is actually an insult to both God and Jesus. This idea makes God small, capable of being touched by sinful human hands.

To say that Jesus had a part of him that was immortal and could not sin is to disparage the magnitude of his accomplishment, overcoming the power of sin.

Jesus is currently in heaven, sitting at the right hand of God Luke ; Acts - a separate position than God Himself. He is serving as our mediator 1 Tim. In the near future, Jesus will return to earth to set up his worldwide kingdom over which he will reign. A complete document about this topic is here. Responses to passages supposedly affirming the deity of Christ are here. God stands alone and unrivaled in the universe, the source of all good and evil Is. We likewise reject the idea of a God with multiple independent personalities as not being in harmony with the teachings of scripture.

The Hope of Resurrection The Christadelphians believe that the covenant of God with Abraham laid the framework for our hope. To Abraham and his descendants was promised the world as an inheritance Genesis [to Isaac], Romans , Psalm Hebrews points out that Abraham received nothing, and that the covenant will be fulfilled in the resurrection Heb.

We believe then that the literal earth, restored and renewed, is the inheritance of the Abraham and his descendants in faith. While awaiting this inheritance, all await resurrection in the sleep of death, where there is no consciousness Psalm , Ecl.

This kingdom will be a restoration of the kingdom of David, with Jerusalem as its capital, in fulfillment of II Sam. Israel Israel, as the literal descendants of Abraham, will always have a place in the plans of God. This is not through any particular righteousness of theirs, on the contrary, both the Bible and history have shown them to be a stubborn and willful people much like us all. However, God is bound by his promise to Abraham his friend to care for his descendants forever. Those who believe in Christ, the seed of Abraham, join the ranks of his descendants, but do not replace the people of Israel.

Rom , 11, ; Jer Baptism The Christadelphians believe that baptism is the outward sign of a repentant and contrite heart, of a person convicted of their sinfulness, and desiring redemption. We believe that through baptism you participate symbolically in the sacrifice and resurrection of Christ, and thereby attain forgiveness of sins.

We do not believe that baptism is optional. Mark ; John If you have any comments or suggestions, please email the site administrator.


Doctrines Accepted

The Gospel Truth Doctrines Accepted THE FOUNDATION — That the book currently known as the Bible, consisting of the Scriptures of Moses, the prophets, and the apostles, is the only source of knowledge concerning God and His purposes at present extant or available in the earth, and that the same were wholly given by inspiration of God in the writers, and are consequently without error in all parts of them, except such as may be due to errors of transcription or translation. This paragraph was added in References 2 Tim. He hath, out of His own underived energy, created heaven and earth, and all that in them is. References Isa. That Jesus of Nazareth was the Son of God, begotten of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit, without the intervention of man, and afterwards anointed with the same Spirit, without measure, at his baptism.


John Thomas (Christadelphian)

That these promises had reference to Jesus Christ, who was to be raised up in the condemned line of Abraham and David, and who, though wearing their condemned nature, was to obtain a title to resurrection by perfect obedience, and, by dying, abrogate the law of condemnation for himself, and all who should believe and obey him. That the message he delivered from God to his kinsmen, the Jews, was a call to repentance from every evil work, the assertion of his divine sonship and Jewish kingship; and the proclamation of the glad tidings that God would restore their kingdom through him, and accomplish all things written in the prophets. Mark l:l5 ; Matt. That for delivering this message, he was put to death by the Jews and Romans who were, however, but instruments in the hands of God, for the doing of that which He had determined before to be done-namely, the condemnation of sin in the flesh, through the offering of the body of Jesus once for all, as a propitiation to declare the righteousness of God, as a basis for the remission of sins. Therefore, by a figure, his blood cleanseth from sin. Luke ; ; John ; Acts ; ; ; Rom.

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