I say his remiss is an abomination. Instead, he wore dark trousers, a black frockcoat with a blue waistcoat beneath, and a simple white stock about his neck, pinned by the only ornamentation on his person, a small gold stickpin in the shape of a rose. Everything about him made Figgy feel gauche and, therefore, rather surly. It means you have to be in costume," he pronounced irritably. Something about the Scot pierced the alcoholic haze clouding what little good sense he owned. Here was something dangerous.

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Buy This Book My Pleasure is the second book in a trilogy about three sisters who lost their father when he sacrificed his life to free a group of political prisoners.

In return, the three men pledge to protect the sisters. Serving as a courier between two separated lovers, she attends a series of masked events.

At one event, she meets fencing master Ramsey Munro, illegitimate grandson of a marquis. Now the two keep meeting as Ramsey watches over Helena. Meanwhile, Ramsey prepares for an international fencing competition that could bring him substantial wealth, and both characters face multiple threats to their happiness and well-being.

On the whole, I thought My Pleasure was indeed a pleasure. I loved the characters — particularly the hero. I read both My Seduction first book in the series and My Pleasure and I liked the second book better.

I loved the characters in both books, but the plot in My Seduction seemed to run out of gas in the middle of the book and then a whole lot happened too easily in the last few chapters. I think it was really Ramsey that made the book for me. And, even better, Brockway managed to make him have a group of friends a group that swore an oath, no less without making it cheesy and ridiculous. So often, authors make them sound really juvenile.

I too found this a quick read and once started I ended up reading till AM not unusual for me as I was just totally engrossed. I too have a lot of trouble buying that scenario, and I thought it went on far too long. As soon as she showed up at his salle the jig should have been up. However, this plotline ended in the nick of time for me. Any longer and I would have been really annoyed. Totally ridiculous, IMHO. I too liked the fact that Ramsey had a profession and fencing master is unusual and enjoyable and made for some interesting scenes.

It also made it easy to envision him as this handsome, graceful and charming man. They just seemed awkward and contrived to me. Helena is a companion to a real piece of work. Her employer, Lady Tilpot, is totally convincing and believable in her vanity and churlishness. Helena fulfills her job with dignity and spirit in spite of it all. I thought she made a good match for Ramsey. I thought they made for a nice secondary romance and of course provided the impetus for Helena to dress in costume.

Lady Tilpot was a real piece of work and rang quite true for me too. Her insistence on putting Helena in her place in public while obnoxious, is also true of this personality type that must be the center of attention. It was never disclosed and I was curious. What was nice is that Oswald was a total idiot, but he did actually love Flora. She liked to have the distinction of rank preserved. I know I will be reading the next book very interested in seeing if my hunch is correct.

I need to get a handle on all my books. Note from editor, My Surrender is due May I am intrigued by Charlotte — I love hoydens and she certainly seems to be one. I would recommend My Seduction although the pacing was slightly off for me.

One thing that I really enjoyed in MS was the description of the rose garden and all of the wonderful things the four boys had built in it. I would have like to have seen more of the monks in My Pleasure as I really enjoyed their interaction with Kate, especially the woman-hating Brother Martin. Nonetheless, I thought MP was a stand-alone read. The first book also goes into more detail about their awful captivity, which is also given fuller detail in book two.

When her father died so did the annuity they lived on and her family is left destitute. Kate felt he had no right to do that to them. I will say that I reread all scenes set during their captivity very carefully. I also thought it was interesting that the villain insists to himself that he is not a traitor.

But I did think it was very interesting that Ramsey honed his fencing skills in prison. He had to fight the guards — so they could practice — but he had to be very careful how he did it. Ramsey seemed to me less embittered and distrustful then Kit was, even though he had plenty of reason to hate his grandfather, the betrayer and his captors.

I will definitely be reading My Surrender. He seemed the obvious choice. In the interest of clarity, we should probably explain that when we talk about figuring out who the villain is in this book, we are talking about figuring out his current disguise. The clues are there but they are subtle conversation and overt the convenient demise off-stage that allows the villain access to the main characters.

Since the villain also used the same ploy in the first book, while taking care to avoid running into Kit — it looks as if his acting skills have improved by the second. I think that Brockway lived up to my expectations in My Pleasure, I was slightly disappointed with My Surrender, but the fault was certainly not with the hero and heroine — they were wonderful.

I too have read Kent before — I reviewed one of her Blazes and thought it was pretty fun if a little over the top.


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The Rose Hunters: My Pleasure by Connie Brockway (2004, Paperback)


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