Edit Since rebuilding his eyes , Kernel Fleck has been able to see new lights that he cannot move, and which seem to be whispering to the Disciples , manipulating them. However Kernel realizes that he is unable to tell anyone of his concerns as no-one else can see the lights. Kernel is unwilling but is forced through the window by the sphere of lights. Kernel is told that both universes were once a single, chess board shaped cosmos, the white squares belonging to the demons and the black belonging to the Old Creatures, the sections separated by the Kah-Gash. However a war between the two groups broke down the Kah-Gash and its soul split into three pieces. He also learns that the Kah-Gash will not destroy a single universe, but will instead bring both back to their original state.

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It is the ninth book released of the series. The narrator is Kernel Fleck. Then he remembers rapidly going through hundreds of demonic universes with them and Beranabus, who later reveals that they travelled through time, they fight again in the cave then Beranabus leaves Bec behind and takes Grubbs with them. In the demonate universe he creates new eyes and now can see other patches of light. Patches that do not react to him. However they do whisper to him. Meera and Shark came to find them and they end up in the hospital fighting demons that came after Dervish and Bec.

On the roof of the hospital they discuss what to do and Grubbs goes off with Meera and Shark to find the Lambs. While Sharmilla who lost her legs to the demons and Dervish who has heart problems alongside Bec come with him and Beranabus into Demonata Universe. During all this the new patches of light seem to be exerting some form of control over him, possibly through a spell, which prevents him from telling anyone about the whispers, or objecting to opinions that could lead to a trap.

Once there he is left on the top deck, keeping the window to the demon oasis open. He is shocked to see the "new lights" form into a solid ball of light which changes the colour of the window and tells him to follow it into the window.

Not wanting to abandon his friends, he refuses, but then the dead on board the liner rise and begin to attack. Kernel forms a magical shield to keep them out, but the ball of light possesses one of the zombies, breaks through the barrier and begins to wrestle with Kernel.

He is cocooned by the ball of light which can read his thoughts which it does as they travel through a strange space tunnel filled with patches of light, he falls through a green window and finds himself on a planet with acidic air and man-made structures. He created this body from the corpse of this world, from the slug thing which he states are descended from creatures just as industrious as humans, the Atlanteans. They explored their sector of the universe but wanted more, in order to go further they tried to harness the raw energy of the universe and this led to the fall of their civilization and as their ships were linked all but a few perished and the survivors became the slugs that now fill the planet.

It then reveals itself as one of the Old Creatures and tells him, he will take him to the Crux. They go from planet to planet until they come to an aquatic world where the inhabitants celebrate its coming with a long dance, for they, the Old Creatures once saved them from a demonic invasion into their world. For each original board is a map of the universe. As they start travelling again Art explains that they leave every planet eventually and that they are from the original universe.

They are as old as this universe but they existed without beginning before it and they are almost ageless, for they are no longer immortal. He promises to reveal the secrets of the universe, the origins of life and the cause of the Big Bang, but Kernel has no idea what that is. They have been travelling for four days, Art tells him it will be his choice whether to go back to Earth or not at the end of their journey, he states that the only guarantee is death and is about to tell him something else as they come to a world which is overrun by horse like demons called the Sligstata.

Kernel is forced to fight them as the Old Creature is opening another portal. It saves him and in the next world, it explains that the world has just fallen to the demons, for a tunnel was used to bring them there, even worse the giant demons he saw in the sky are a convoy, they have gathered groups of lodestones to sustain themselves while they traverse space with hordes of demons on their back in search for other worlds to ravage. If one of these came through near Earth like on Atlantis it would drop out of the sky one day and conqueror the entire planet.

Still this journey would take millennia, but the demons are patient and there are many of them doing this as they speak. It then reveals that all world will end and death will claim all and worse the earth is doomed to fall within a year. The Old Creatures want life to continue, they want the universe to end naturally not at the hands of the Demonata.

The final stretch of their journey takes them to death and ruinous worlds and Art explains these were the first worlds life emerged on and that they nurture it, they did not create it and that there are forces at work beyond their knowledge. They arrive at the Crux. Art protects him as it takes him through fires of the slightly ball like Crux. They emerge into a grey oval like space filled with space debris and enormous square panels. The white panels have Demonata near them and the black have Old Creatures near them.

They answer his questions telling him that the original universe was like a chess board with thirty-two black squares and thirty-two white squares. These were the zones of the universe and each was limitless in size, time did not exist and the universe existed forever.

This was the case for both them and the original Demonata. The 64 zones were separated from each other by a force known as the Kah-Gash. Old Creatures lived in the blacks zones and the Demonata on the Whites, separated from each other by the Kah-Gash. The Old Creatures were sterile while the Demonata could reproduce.

They were immortal but could be killed. They were never meant to mix and the Kah-Gash kept them separate. One of the demons touches a black square and dies and Art tells Kernel that the original Demonata have existed so long that they formed bonds and that both Demonate and Old Creatures come here to die.

Eventually the Kah-Gash buckled under the strain of the crossings and fighting and the Kah-Gash fractured. All 64 zones shrunk to the size of a speck and the universe exploded splitting in two. Where before there was one, comprised of the 64 zones and the Kah-Gash. It, the Kah-Gash created the two universes hoping that they would keep the warring races divided. The Crux is the place that both universes have in common, for it is where the explosion that created the human and the Demonata universe happened, here they overlap and spread outwards.

The panels are the remains of the body of the Kah-Gash. While its soul flew off with everything else. Kernel wonders if the Kah-Gash has 64 souls, but Art tells him there are only three him, Bec and Before he can name the third, something happens the panels starts drifting towards him.

The Demons attack and a fight ensues, Art is killed and he is thrown into the space tunnel without protection. Another ball of light saves him and takes the form of Raz. It explains that Art died and that the reason why they would risk so much for him will soon be made clear. It tells him to use the nearby lodestone to heal himself, which he does. For the Kah-Gash can draw both universes back to the time of the Big Bang and restore the original universe. Raz tells him he needs to eat and that they will be going to a spaceship.

In the hold of the space ship he eats and drinks some bad tasting food, they then explore the ship and the strange slimy tendril aliens within. Raz also explains that they sowed intelligence and that there are many mental similarities between ensouled creatures.

The three parts of the Kah-Gash shot ahead of the blast, darting inside and out of the new universes, then they slowed and drifted or would pop from one part to another part. Only the eyes of the Kah-Gash can, which he is. The other parts are the memory and the trigger. The memory stores all that happens, the eyes see the hidden strings of the universe and the trigger is the commanding force of the Kah-Gash. The Demonata sought after the pieces to reassemble them and destroy the universes.

They never merged with the original demons or the Old Creatures, but all other forms were fair game. When the Demonata finally found one, they learned they could influence its destination when it moved from one form to another. Since the pieces can float freely through the universes they were content to wait billions of year to get their hands on all three. The Old Creatures could enter the Demonata universe and they sent out raids to free a captured piece of the Kah-Gash by destroying its form and distracting the demons from influencing its next emergence.

Some of them always died in these raids and sometimes as now is the case all three pieces existed within the same universe.

This prompted them to play God and interfere with the new creatures of this universe, by guiding their souls, this mistake however allowed for the Demonata to finally be able to cross into their universe. Raz construct a new window and takes Kernel to a graveyard world of nearby space-faring races. He explains that by shaping the minds of the universe creatures they hoped to cheat destiny.

There are now millions of races with the power of thought. Yet intelligence was never meant for this universe, for every intelligent being has a soul. A soul forms when a creature thinks for the first time, when it reasons and makes plans. Sometime it happens in an entire species at the same time, other times one of them makes a mental leap and passes it on to its offspring, intelligence spreading like a genetic disease.

They cultivated it and learned how to make it grow and they spread it across the universe. Some refuse to overcome their challenges but most rise to the occasion.

Life is easy for animals but so much richer for those who can love and hate, fight and make peace, dream and hope. The original boards are key to this process of this development. They made them out of material from the Crux and modelled them after the original universe. Once a species reaches a certain point they would isolate their souls, take them into their original board and explain everything to them, most importantly their need to reach for the stars.

He takes him to a lodestone and explains they are the remnants of the planets of the original universe. They used them to travel the vast expanse but the species they guided could be as vicious as the Demonata, with many craving power. Each world produced people with magical talents and though most were good mages, somewhere bad and opened the way for the Demonata to come into the universe, first through windows then with the lodestones.

But once entire civilizations fell to the demons, they thought about shutting everything down. Killing all intelligent life but it was too late and bad an option to do this. They were content by the knowledge that the Demonata could not kill all life, could not ruin every world. This all changed years ago with Bec, who introduced a new player Death.

Raz explains how Death used to be a force, but that when Bec stole the piece of the Kah-Gash that had been within Lord Loss for thousands of years allowing him to freely cross between universes, and then survived her death at his hands, things changed. Death had always been the end, when something died, its soul moved on, maybe to another realm, or to be reincarnated or maybe into nothingness. But no soul ever cheated death.

Death is absolute and the Kah-Gash should have no power over it. They are not sure whether she chose to remain or the Kah-Gash forced her to remain knowing about the side effects. For her not moving on, caused Death to become conscious, aware of its role and it reacted with anger. The new death constructed a body for it can deny souls passage to what is beyond and use shadows and magic to harness them.

The Shadow is Death and since Death claims all things, it knows where all things are.


Dark Calling (book)

It is the ninth book released of the series. The narrator is Kernel Fleck. Then he remembers rapidly going through hundreds of demonic universes with them and Beranabus, who later reveals that they travelled through time, they fight again in the cave then Beranabus leaves Bec behind and takes Grubbs with them. In the demonate universe he creates new eyes and now can see other patches of light. Patches that do not react to him. However they do whisper to him. Meera and Shark came to find them and they end up in the hospital fighting demons that came after Dervish and Bec.


Dark Calling

Dark Calling Dark Calling reveals that both the Old Creatures and the Demonata are creatures of the original universe which preceded the two universes in the series. This universe was structured like a chessboard ; it consisted of sixty-four squares, half of them White and half of them black, each square containing infinite space within. The Demonata inhabited the white squares, the Old Creatures the black; the different zones were kept separate by a force which the Old Creatures called the Kah-Gash. While the Demonata were capable of reproduction, the Old Creatures were sterile, but this did not bother them; since time did not exist in the original universe, everything therein was ageless and immortal. They can still get killed.

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