Overall Very good range of adjustments and mostly very easy to use The materials were of a good standard and the build quality felt good as well. There was no audible noise from the screen, even when conducting specific tests which can often identify buzzing issues. The whole screen remained very cool even during prolonged use as well which was pleasing. Above: interface connections on back of the screen The back of the screen provides connections for the power supply which is provided with the screen. Above: view of rear USB 3. Click for larger version An additional easier access USB port is also available a little above these connections in the back of the screen.

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Sorry, this item is not available anymore for purchase online. Please see our recommended replacement product. Its upscale design features an amazingly thin 6. With this incredible clarity across an ultra-wide degree viewing angle comes the ability to pivot left-and right up to 90 degrees, so you can create a multiple screen arrangement with near-continual imagery between two or more monitors.

Great detail with a broad range of Find the perfect position with 6. An ultra-wide degree viewing angle enables clear and easy sharing of your screen with multiple onlookers.

Bring your mobile devices to life on a large screen Brilliance goes beyond the screen with easy connectivity to your favourite digital devices and fast USB charging capability.

A mobile high-definition link MHL port allows you to view high-definition content directly from your compatible smart phone or tablet. Three USB 3. Enhanced power management Manage power consumption wisely with PowerNap, enabled through the Dell Display Manager to either dim the monitor to the minimum brightness level or put it into sleep mode when it is not in use.

Look for these great additions when finalising your purchase.


23.8" Dell UltraSharp U2419HC - Specifications



23.8" Dell UltraSharp U2414H - Specifications


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