Page 2 Warning For your protection, please read the following: Water and Moisture: Appliances should not be used near water e. Care should be taken so that objects do not fall and liquids are not spilled into the enclosure through openings. Page 3 Vice-President of Engineering S. Page 4: Warranty 7. The foregoing is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and Digitech neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of this product. In no event shall Digitech or its dealers be liable for special or consequential damages or from any delay in the performance of this warranty due to causes beyond their control.

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Page 4 Warranty We at DigiTech are very proud of our products and back-up each one we sell with the following warranty Page 5 Introduction Thanks to the continuous advances in musical technology, the RP50 offers you the flexibility, power, and capability of producing Footswitches - These 2 Footswitches are used to Page 7 2.

Value Buttons - The Value Buttons perform various functions depending on which mode is selected. In Play mode, these buttons Page 8 Rear Panel 1 2 3 4 1. Input - Connect your instrument to this jack. Output - This Page 9 Making Connections There are several different connection options available when using the RP The following diagrams show the connections for Page 12 Connecting a cable to the Input applies power to the RP Disconnecting your instrument from the Input of the Enter the Tuner Page 14 displayed as Gb.

The display window briefly flashes the selected tuning preference. Exit tuner mode by pressing either Footswitch. Each effect within OF - Turns Page 19 EQ Equalization is used to shape the tonal response of your guitar signal. The EQ in the RP50 is similar The delayed signal is modulated in and out Page 21 Vibrato b1-b9 A Vibrato effect modulates the pitch of the incoming signal at an even rate.

Use the Value buttons Page 22 of effect as if two guitars were playing the same part together. Use the Value buttons to select one Any passive Page 25 Cabinet Modeling is now enabled for all amp models in all presets. The following lists what cabinet accompanies each model


DIGITECH RP50 User Manual

Other Functions The rear panel of the RP50 includes an input for an expression pedal. When the Drums feature is active, the Drums LED lights and the selected drum pattern plays continuously. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. Input — Connect your instrument to this jack. This jack also can be used as a headphone jack. Applying Power EQ response on most amps, this would be 0 or 5 on the tone controls. It is sigitech key to unlocking the potential within the RP Page 7 Each effect LED will light to indicate which effect you are editing 4.


RP500 (discontinued)

The EQ in the RP50 is similar to the tone knobs on an amplifier. Values cut the level of each band, 5 is flat no cut or boost , and values boost the level of each band. Bass b1- b9 - The Value buttons adjust the amount of low end enhancement Bass. Mid d1- d9 - The Value buttons adjust the amount of mid range enhancement. Treble t1- t9 - The Value buttons adjust the amount of high end enhancement Treble. Noise Gate A Noise Gate is designed to eliminate noise while you are not playing. The AutoSwell setting creates a volume pedal effect automatically with varying attack times.

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