Zar to nije… Isto? Ostavio lepu al sirotu, uzeo bogatu zbog lanaca i vranaca, ih Da su onakvi kakvim ih je dragi Bog zamislio, i On i ja bi davno ostali bez posla GLAS off : Ma

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He has a sister, Jasna. He started writing poetry in primary school. He left high school in the third year because, in his words, he hated subjects like mathematics , physics and chemistry but managed to get a high school diploma as part-time student and passed the preliminary exam for the university study of geography.

He never graduated from the university. The song became popular with both the communist authorities and the people, becoming an anthem of the Yugoslav youth. However, Rani Mraz officially dissolved shortly afterwards. His Sava Center concerts would become his trademark in years to follow. The album featured a gift 7" single with previously unreleased tracks "" and "Poluuspavanka" "Half-Lullaby".

The song "Sugar Rap" featured caricatured rap sound. I care One of Those Lives After a long break, at the beginning of , he issued Naposletku After All Na posletku Nearly all instruments on the album are acoustic, with the violin becoming dominant and woodwind instruments heavily used.

The album comprised 12 songs, each having a female name as its title. George Choir, and others. Apart from performing his songs, he has a custom of making long pauses between songs and commenting on current events. Therefore, his concerts are more of a cabaret than rock concerts in the common sense of the word. Together with another early single "Triput sam video Tita" "I Saw Tito Three Times" , these songs summed up his early political position: yugoslavism , patriotism and Titoism.

He openly criticised Serbian, Croatian and Slovene nationalism.


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