I knew I should read it and asked my friend if it was any good. He said it was, so I dashed upstairs to my room to get it. While on the Amazon web site, I saw that he had written this book on international relations and zombies, I just had to read it first. This is one of them.

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Toggle display of website navigation Daniel W. Drezner: Oh, right, the zombies Oh, right, the zombies The excerpt is entitled "Night of the Living Wonks. The excerpt is entitled " Night of the Living Wonks. Surveying the cultural zeitgeist, however, it is striking how an unnatural problem has become one of the fastest-growing concerns in international relations. I speak, of course, of zombies.

But the beauty of zombie theory is that it applies too all sorts of emerging trans-national security threats, including those we have yet to anticipate or imagine. The FP excerpt looks at how three theories — realism, liberalism, and neoconservatism — would respond to the specter of the living dead. Would not post-colonial theory help us understand the unique Haitian approach to the zombie menace? Would not constructivist IR theory contribute a more nuanced understanding of the power relations required to make the zombie community hang together , and the cultural reasons for the abject neglect of the such non-traditional threats by policymakers thus far?

Would not IR feminism attune us to the impact of marauding zombie mayhem on zombie women and children, to say nothing of usefully deconstructing the gendered narrative about threats-of-the-flesh that underpins the popularity of zombie hysteria?


Oh, right, the zombies

Shelves: politics , humor I started this book with high expectations, partly because of its great cover design, but mainly because I was excited by the sense of humor of an author putting together the topics of international politics and zombies. Never have I been so wrong. On top of that, the whole book except its cover design lacks the dead-seriousness that could have made this project a success in my mind. The forced analogies, the cheesy jokes, the cuteification of charts and graphs with brushes and comic fonts, the cartoons, all steal away from the force and the message of the cover. I love the zombie canon, and I was eager to learn some things in international politics, but the whole experience for me consisted of waiting for when things would get interesting. I wish the editor had the vision to tell the author "The idea of bringing these two topics is funny enough, and if you do it thoroughly and seriously, it will be highly informative and funny at the same time. Come on.


Theories of International Politics and Zombies

Share on mail If the dynamics of international politics have conventionally been understood in terms of the quick and the dead, Daniel Drezner invites us to consider another way of being - undead, or "differently animated". This ontological category emerges from the world of popular culture in which the "zombie canon" has a distinctive place. In drawing together the interpretation of popular culture and international politics, Drezner provides much food for thought - the food in this case being human flesh, of which zombies are notoriously fond. Drezner cleverly deploys the zombie metaphor to illustrate how different theories would deal with a situation in which ravenous zombies roamed the Earth.

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