What is eCATT? Each test that was executed will generate a detailed log that will give the test process and results. If the testing is successful without any errors log, we can say that the business scenario mapped in SAP is correct. If the test results shows error then the problem can be analyzed using the error log that is generated by the system. After reading this blog, you will have understanding about eCATT tool. And you will be able to create a test script and test configuration in which test data can be loaded from a file.

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When prompted with the Created Object Directory entry dialog box, select Local object. Click pattern button Select UI control for group Select TCD Record for command Click continue check mark Upon clicking the continue check mark,you will see the User Mentainance su01 screen. Follow the steps as you create user ID and click save. To end recording ,click the back button in su01 screen and click Yes when promted with below screen.

Click save to save the recorded script. Creating the parameter Once user creation is recorded,the VALINs Values that were entered during the recording should be changed to parameter values. The below process will explain you the steps to create the parameter. Expand the set of screen 4. Duble-click on Filed mode 5. Click the back button 8. Click Yes Repeat the same step for other values that are entered during recording. Hence I have below 5 parameters.

Once you are sure that all the parameters are created,click Save button. Part B: Creating Test Configuration 1. Enter test configuration name 3. Enter the description of the test configuration 4. Select the component When promted to select the package,use Local object as did in test script creation.

Select comfiguration tab 7. Select Utilities, Settings 9. To modify the variant file,perform the following 1. Click next ,next,finish in the Text Import Wizard 4. You can add your own values from row 4. In the below example I have updated the spreadsheet with 10 user information. Save the file in the same format. Click Variants tab 6. Click Execute Save the configuration when promted.


Manual crear SAP eCatt

Scripts are used to automate repetitive processes. For example to create users. Data is entered in an excel sheet saved and is picked up the script to carry on the processing. Now click the create button on the screen. You will be taken to a new screen. Enter the Description of the script in the Title bar and also enter the Component.


Creating mass user using eCATT (script)


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