ELAN A2 Provides enough power to handle the most inefficient freestanding speakers or a whole house full of in-walls. Whether specifying the A2 in a home theater application or in a distributed audio system, this single rack-height amp provides enough power to handle the most inefficient freestanding speakers or a whole house full of in-walls. The A2 amplifier will deliver watts per channel into 2-Ohm loads. This high-current, low-impedance design eliminates the need for speaker selector boxes or load protection devices when driving up to three pair of 8-Ohm speakers. The ultra-high-efficiency toroidal transformer and 40,uF bulk storage capacitance ensures that peak current demands are always met. This translates into exceptionally tight bass response and improved dynamic headroom.

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I havent gone shopping for a amnual strength programmable remote yet, so I ive only concentrated on the key codes themselves so far. Touch Panel control Wlan Frequency: The system is — to me — basically a bonus. Maybe im looking in the wrong forum? This translates into exceptionally tight bass response and improved dynamic headroom.

A custom loudness EQ curve and rumble filter provide richer, fuller sound with in-wall speakers. Colorful, user-friendly graphics make navigating through your music collection fast, easy and fun. Any info from existing users on day to day stuff with the system?

Two more turn on with a programmable delay. ELAN color CCTV cameras can be connected directly to the S12 elaj that homeowners can also see who is at the door, as well as monitor pool areas, nurseries, etc. There is moderate exterior wear, including scratches and scuffs.

This was accomplished by using one forward-firing 6. Sixteen channels of clean, powerful audio can be combined in dozens of different ways to suit virtually any situation that may be encountered in whole-house distributed audio systems. The door kit adds an additional 1 in. Inherited an elan system — needing info — AVS Forum Home Theater Discussions And Reviews As much as I enjoy a movie, with a newborn at a and 4 hours of comuting each day, there arent enough hours in the day to get through the opening credits in a single sitting: Just transfer music from your VIA!

ELAN has introduced everything from one of the most extensive lines of Structured Wiring products available, to a new benchmark in high-performance digital amplifiers.

And the PS12 Precision Panel makes all system connections quick, neat and reliable. An output expansion port ads even more TH48s to the system. View channel, category, title and artist of whatever is playing from any of the three built-in XM tuners. An Ethernet port is provided for interaction with network devices such as the VIA! Audio Outputs see all. Item is untested unit does power on I could not test the unit beyond that. No blind guessing when selecting a radio station.

Outstanding midrange detail as well as superb imaging, excellent off-axis response, deep bass and pristine highs. Both hands-on and classroom training offered. Take your business to the next level. Has been tested only to power on. This Elan power amplifier is ideally for a high-fidelity system, and will add extra boom to the sound coming out of your system. Z Also Available in 19 in. In the tradition of the classic American jukebox, just add as many songs as desired to the Jukebox list and let them play!

No other power manager has as many trigger options. It is also used to program all the features elab functions of the VIA! C45P Each RJ cable uses Cat-5, 4-pair colorcoded wires and are available in the following formats: We include a power cord but no other accessories. Related Posts



Shakree MPC The flagship in-ceiling speaker in the M Series line, the MPC offers high power handling and ultra-wide elann as well as powerful and dynamic bass, exceptional midrange ,anual and lush high frequency reproduction. Cat-5 punch-down connectors on the back of the panel ensure reliable wiring network terminations for up to ten VIA! No external IR connecting blocks are required. Larger models produce 30 watts for each 8 ohms speaker. The SIM2 is ideal for home theater automation applications, or any application that requires the use of automated triggering through the use of sensors. Select from over 70 decor-matching motifs to enhance the look of almost any room. Guaranteed Delivery see all.


2-Channel Analog Power Amplifier, rack ears included (replaces Z300/Z301)


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