Watched her in turmoil as a child, then transformed into the tenacious, alluring woman I crave today. Riley is in my mind constantly, and my need for her is excruciating. Sometimes, I can taste her, smell her; I close my eyes and I…feel her. I love her. She belongs with me. Demented, painful screams of pure torture and desperation.

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Oct 09, Nikki rated it it was amazing Riley knew having vampire venom running in her veins would mean increasing un-human tendencies but she never thought shed actually turn. Valerians venom is acting on its own though and slowly Riley is turning into the thing she never wanted to be.

Flying across the world and putting her trust into people she doesnt know may be the only way to stop the progression. Victorian and Valerians father may be the key to saving her from herself. But what will have three powerful vampires venom do to her and how will she be able to retain even a little part of herself? Each book in this series gets better and better and I expected a lot going into this one and Elle Jasper seriously delivered by giving her readers one fun ride with the promise of more to come.

At the end of the second book, Everdark, Riley was being kidnapped by Victorian, who claims to be doing it for her own good. Talk about a cliff hanger huh? Only problem is that with so much powerful vamp venom in her Riley is acquiring tendencies that are not merely human but not quite vampire. I envied her ability to stay sane as long as possible. Riley is one tough cookie. What results is a quirky triangle in which Riley loves Eli, Victorian pines for her and Victorian father offers her the throne.

The love triangle was a bit expected given the direction of this book, but still I found it hot. I am curious to find out if Riley feels a connection to Victorian simply because of his venom running through her veins or if its…deeper. The world building throughout the series continues to grow and with the addition of the new characters becoming even more shadowy than before. Nix is back of course with her perky, loving attitude which I have always adored.

I hope we continue to see more of her in the following books even though it sounds like Riley may be hanging up her tattoo gun for bigger and definitely more dangerous things. Nevertheless, everyone needs a family and so I suppose after the huge success of Twilight any other vampire family would probably sound the same. Together they move like a team, completely in sync and the camaraderie is well done.

Each has their own personality but I like how the story stays true to Eli and Riley and what they face with the family just acting like supporting characters. Like previous books the heat level between Eli and Riley was scorching.

I absolutely love Eli. Dark and protective? You need to appreciate the way the world and author alike are growing. I give Eventide by Elle Jasper 5 stars!


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