It features a track sequencer , digital effects, and several hundred onboard sounds or patches. This music workstation got rid of some previous classical Ensoniq features, such as polyphonic after-touch replacing it with a mono version and full sound editability. Its concept of usage was also radically different from previous Ensoniq keyboards, such as the TS An updated OS chip that resolved these issues was created and is still available from third party vendors. Most problems were compensated for by an improved note polyphony, high quality bit effects and a quick but not fully editable sequencer. A drum machine with pro-quality mixable preset patterns, benefited from the unusually large internal drum sounds library approx.

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Check Prices Ensoniq released their MR music workstation synthesizer in to generally favorable reviews despite it being quite a departure from previous Ensoniq keyboards. According to marketing at the time, Ensoniq specifically designed the MR for composers after studying the songwriting process and taking note of what tools are used the most.

It allows users to play around and then listen to the playback before sending whatever they like over to the track recorder. To help players get into the groove, the MR also has an onboard drum machine with a selection of natural-sounding rhythms.

Each of the rhythms has eight different types of variations as well as eight fills, so you have access to plenty of variety per style. The drum machine can also be linked to the onboard track recorder for added convenience.

After creating the drum patterns on the computer, it was then possible to load the rhythms onto disk and use them with the MR Once you are ready to move over to the sequencer Ensoniq has also made sure to incorporate plenty of options when it comes to shaping your performance. Best of all, all editing that you perform on the MR is non-destructive thanks to its Undo feature. It also has a Song Editor which can be used to build your arrangement.

Another first for Ensoniq was the inclusion of slots that could hold up to three expansion cards. These cards are capable of holding up to 24 megabytes of data for samples and sounds. One of the things to keep in mind when purchasing a second-hand MR is that the original hardware was released with an operating system that had several operational and MIDI software bugs.

These problems were later fixed via an updated OS chip, but tracking one down these days can be troublesome.





Ensoniq MR-61 Kontakt Instrument


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