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Network managers around the globe rely on our fiber products for their performance and reliability. OFS teams-up with manufacturers to develop innovative technologies that are changing the face of medicine. The OFS name may be new to you. To help our customers with specialty applications such as the delivery of laser power, industrial networking, sensing, avionics systems, and short-haul communication networks; we created the OFS Specialty Products line.

This product line is ideal for applications that require products to withstand harsh environment conditions. Whether your industry is medical, industrial, aerospace, defense, or energy; we have an optical fiber solution for you. The most successful companies rely upon factory automation-high bit-rate industrial networks with low latency, real-time results. This brief video demonstrates the technology and the harsh conditions in which it thrives. Full video. View the highly automated OFS manufacturing operation from the pure raw materials to our VAD preform fabrication process to fiber draw and final product testing.

This disposable spool offers in a very compact and lightweight package a precision wound, untwisted optical fiber for long distance pay out avoiding heavy, bulky and expensive cable tethers. The deployable side of the spool which is connected to the control equipment is equipped with a connector directly mounted onto the extruded overcoated fiber. For sea exploration, the distal fiber end which is connected to the vehicle with a hermetic feed-through is pigtailed with a 1.

For land exploration, the distal fiber end which is connected to the vehicle is pigtailed with a 1. The fiber spool is disposable. It is not possible to reuse the fiber after deployment. See what OFS fiber can do for you - well, sort of. The expanded product line includes the availability of both single jacket and light armor constructions for all fiber counts.

The cable designs meet or exceed all requirements of Telcordia GR Issue 4, and offer superior performance in coiling and handling in comparison to other high density fiber cable designs.

See how our cables can help network expand around the globe. Supporting multiple dwelling unit MDU and in-home wiring applications, the ground-breaking EZ-Bend Technology addresses the critical need to speed and simplify installations by allowing optical fiber cables to be bent and routed in ways never before feasible using traditional optical drop cables, to facilitate rapid deployment of fiber to and within the residence.

This demonstration shows a live video stream supported over optical cables using EZ-Bend Technology bent around numerous corners and stapled, with no degradation in picture quality. This light weight design addresses the demand for lighter aircraft and improved fuel efficiency.

The high performing construction consists of a tight buffered fiber within a loose structure cable which allows for reliable pull-proof termination and helps prevent kinking and fiber breakage during and after deployment. These cables are gel-free, so they are also lighter than traditional cables. Rollable ribbons enable traditional ribbon splicing efficiencies, and the ribbon in loose tube design is a field-proven cable design.

This video shows the cable and closure preparation process in a PLP Coyote 9. This video shows the cable and closure preparation process in a Commscope FOSC D closure, and splicing of rollable fiber optic ribbons. See for yourself! Fuse Splice-On Connector with 2mm and 3mm cordage.

Accommodates up to 16 drop cables and can hold up to a 1x16 splitter, making it an excellent choice for distributed split architectures. It can also function as a splice closure, holding up to 48 individual splices. The terminal can be pole, pedestal or aerial mounted, but is not recommended for underground deployment in a handhole. The FITEL Fusion Splicer family produces reliable, highly accurate splicing that can speed up optical fiber deployments and decrease installation and labor costs.

In a dramatically improved fiber distribution design, the ORBITAL FDCs route all subscriber fibers from the splitter modules to a central cabinet, then to subscriber ports arranged in a circular array surrounding the cabinet.

They can easily withstand the full forces typical with installation. This video presents side by side comparisons between this jumper and a conventional single-mode fiber jumper conveying performance differences in bending loss.


Fitel S178A Fusion Splicer

Nikot Email your resume to: Contact us Outside U. By combining speed, precision, durability and portability in one unit, the S Fusion Splicer ushers in an entirely new range of applications for core alignment splicing. Up to Automatic Splicing Selection: Technical Specs Applicable Fibers: FIS is a manufacturer and full-line distributor of communication fiber optics; test equipment, connectors, cable and cable assemblies, tools and tool kits, fiber optic fiel products, Category 5e and 6 cabling products, active network equipment, and fiber optic fihel systems and components. It is also an excellent option for use in the conventional telecommunications industry, along with other industries including oil and gas. Along with its rugged durability, the splicer also offers convenience. FIS is international in scope, serving customers in countries.




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