That includes being entrepreneurs. It could be a natural extension of educational qualifications. It could be financial necessity, a hobby that metamorphoses into a profession, or the growth and diversification of a nascent venture. Starting off on your own, with or often without the support of family and friends, with just your dreams, your vision, your skills, your hard work, and your grit to fall back on — it can be frightening and exhilarating all at once.

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They raised a family as well as a company, with love, laughter and patience. Managing multiple equations — never giving in or giving up. These stories say one thing loud and clear. Women think and act differently, but they can be just as successful. However, in Follow Every Rainbow, Rashmi has specifically compiled a list of 25 women entrepreneurs.

This interested me because a I am a woman myself and b There are not many books available on women entrepreneurs, especially in India. What amazed me was that Rashmi has dedicated the book to her mother-in-law Santosh Bansal. However, as I read through the book, my amazement diminished. Many of the women entrepreneurs openly credited both their mothers and mothers-in-law for providing them the kind of support which enabled them to set-up and run their businesses.

The title of the book has been taken from The Sound of Music Climb every mountain, Ford every stream, Follow every rainbow, Till you find your dream.

As she mentions in her note, although women are as capable as men, the circumstances must allow. However, women shall show new ways of thinking and doing things. The book has been divided into three sections — Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati.

Circumstances forced the eight women featured under Durga to be enterprising, to fight for survival; they rose to the challenge, slaying demons within and without. The nine women featured under Saraswati are armed with a professional education and they are carving out an identity through entrepreneurship. Rashmi makes no bones about the fact that starting and running a business is tough for a woman and she will need all the help she can get from her family.

Another point beautifully brought out reading through the book is that children are proud of the fact that they have a working mother — someone who is doing something on her own.

Most times, women feel guilty that they are not doing enough as a mother. As long as you have a support system in the form of maids and cooks, in addition to your family members, you can manage a business. Her advice to women entrepreneurs is that we underestimate ourselves a lot.

We have to be proud of what we are and whatever we do, we should do it fully; we owe it to ourselves. What shines across in the book is the fact that all the women wanted to give back something to society. They were passionate about what they were doing and did not bother about making profits in the beginning itself. They were more focused on doing a good job and satisfying their customers. Shikha Sharma Nutrihealth Systems because I have seen her a lot on television.

She has retained the conversational aspect in a lot of places providing translations in English where the phrases are in Hindi. Reading through these, one gets a fair idea of the business and what it entails. This helps to get an idea of the size of the venture. I urge everybody, especially every woman, to go and read this book.

It is an eye-opener in terms of the challenges that women are willing to accept and forge ahead; taking their families together with them in this journey. It also gives insights into the areas which women are willing to explore and make their mark in. She has also provided a list of useful entrepreneurial courses available at various institutes and organizations willing to offer flexi-time careers to women.

Pick up this book and you will not regret it. It will open up your mind like never before to the immense power of a woman. And in this nation of ours where we worship female goddesses such as Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati, Kali, Devaki, etc.

Respect a woman, support her in her endeavours and see the magic she creates — that is the central theme of this book. And every man and woman should remember this. Posted by.


Rashmi Bansal

Start your review of Follow Every Rainbow Write a review Apr 06, Fleme Varkey rated it liked it Because life is much more colourful than you can imagine. The 25 women whom author Rashmi Bansal features in her fifth book have realised this and more. The title is inspired from a line of her favourite song, follow every rainbow till you find your dream from the movie The Sound of Music. I chose this title because I think it describes the way women look at their lives and careers. We dont want to climb …Because life is much more colourful than you can imagine. The author has divided the stories in this book into three segments —Lakshmis, Durgas and Saraswatis.



Open Preview See a Problem? Jain Institute of Management and Research. Women think and act differently, but they can be just as successful. Women think and act differently, but they can evety just as successful.


Follow Every Rainbow




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