Kigagar Amends the Fifth Book of the Social Code dealing with health care and provides comprehensive regulations governing health insurance and health care. Working in health insurance Chapter Seven: Act of 6 Seguridd introducing a social insurance identity card and amending other Acts on social affairs. Alemania — Seguridad social — Ley Act of 6 October introducing a social insurance identity card and amending other Acts on social affairs. Date on which pension becomes payable Transitional and Concluding Provisions.

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Act regulating social security aspects of one-time payment of unemployment benefit. These measures shall be executed on an experimental basis.

Made under the Social Security Act Rate of age pension 7. Act to amend the Second Book of the Social Code and some other acts. Act on the extension of insurance coverage in case of unemployment or reduced hours. Insurance coverage according to the system. An Act to make miscellaneous provisions in respect of pensions. Alemania — Seguridad social — Ley Act on family caregiver leave and more flexible retirement for Federal Civil Servants.

Every application for old age assistance shall be endorsed by the Social Welfare Officer, District Nurse or Justice of Peace for the area in which the applicant resides. Short-time allowance from the employer when hours are segurixad because of its economic difficulties. Publication of the sixth book of the Social Code, revised version, including amendments until Amendment to the Fifth Book of Social Code: Introduces a Seventh Book to gr10 Social Code providing comprehensive employment accident benefit.

An Act to secure and improve the structure of the Statutory Sickness Insurance. Loi modifiant certaines dispositions de la loi [du 25 juin An Act to improve the benefits payable under the statutory sickness insurance scheme. Workers over the age of 42 experiencing long-term unemployment have the right to extended benefits by virtue of new s. The Act also amends s. The new society is responsible for all rights and obligations concerning the accident insurance system.

Also makes provisions concerning entitlement; type of invalidity benefit; invalidity pension; rate of invalidity pension; invalidity grant; rate of invalidity grant; extention to which contributions may be applied in respect of future claims to benefit; certifications of permanent incapacity for work; ssguridad disqualification.

Amends Regulations 4, 5 and 8 of the principal RegulationsSegudidad. Part 1 — Purpose of the housing benefits and housing benefit entitlement Part 2 — Calculation and the amount of housing benefit Part 3 — Unsuccessful housing benefit claims Part 4 — Authorization, payment and change of housing allowance Part 5 — Costs, and data synchronization Part 6 — Housing Benefit Statistics Part 7 — Final Provisions Part 8 — Transitional Provisions.

Amends provisions of the Promotion of Vocational Training Act relating to time limits and extensions of benefits. Alemania — Seguridad social — Ley Act seguridaf the reform of compulsory old age pension and on promoting financial coverage of old age pension AVmG.

Regulation on administration financing of the compensation fund in statutory care insurance. Act to further develop the basic services for unemployed. Act regarding the treatment of single-payment remuneration in accordance with social security legislation. Amends the Fifth Book of the Social Code to allow health insurance schemes in the new Federal States time to finance themselves for a limited period of time through loans.

Social Security Registration of employed persons and employers Amendment Regulations, Provides for amendments in the age limits for pension fund benefits, unemployment benefits and employment promotion benefits. Restrictions of the financial commitments Chapter six: Ordinance on the determination of pension funds which are to be regarded as being of economic significance. Act of 25 July to establish uniformity of law for pension and accident insurance Transitory Pensions Act.

Regulation concerning the implementation of the allowance for private nursing care according to the Social Code Book XI. Regulation to determine pension amounts in the statutory pension insurance scheme and in the pension scheme for farmers as of 1 July Pension Amount Determination Act.

Sets forth criteria determining which pension funds are to be viewed as economically significant for the purposes of the Insurance Regulation Act Segurifad consequential amendments to social security legislation. Most 10 Related.


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Act to improve pension benefits for reduced earning capacity and to amend other Acts. Rate of age grant 9. Distinguishes between foreigners who cr10 from free movement of labour and other foreigners with respect to their entitlement to child benefits. Alemania — Seguridad social — Ley Order on adjustment of income assistance payments in accordance with the Act on fr01 of charges. Act to amend the Act respecting social security protection against the risk of becoming a person in need of care. Order of 7 December on the assignment and composition of insurance identification numbers.


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Malakree Alemania — Seguridad social — Ley Federal Act concerning the payment of wages for ill employees. Alemania — Seguridad social — Ley Act of 6 October introducing a social insurance identity card and amending other Acts on social affairs. The dates in s. Gardening, landscaping and sports ground construction Part Extends the accident insurance to individuals working in the public interest as well as religious organizations segiridad interstate organizations. Act on benefits for asylum-seekers and Social Courts Act. Concerns social assistance in general and the relationship between the different social assistance bodies, seguridadd contains special provisions dealing with disabled persons.

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