April 20, edited Hi wellI have always been a bit wary of this kind of stuff as liberation as described in the Dharma is what I see as the ultimate goal but also that the Tibetan approches are also something of a toolbox of methods and wondered whether Bardons approach can take you the same way. I like his details and his specific methods to get clear results. I wanted to know if people had managed to stick to IIH instructions and if so what there opinion of the process is, my one concern was about the dangers of getting lost in power and manipulation of forces as to transcend these is the goal. There are certainly ways in which you can get sidetracked, "get lost in power" as many would say. Bardon and Rawn Clark, who also provides some good commentaries says that there are natural safeguards in the system, that people with certain intents will only reach a certain point.

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Born in Opava, Austrian Silesia. Another book was found un unfinished version of the Fourth Tarot card. Primarily these works were written to allow any individual who wished to learn the inner mysteries without the aid of a teacher.

Franz Bardon was the oldest of 13 children, and the only son of a very devout Christian mystic, Viktor Bardon. Although his father had achieved a certain amount of spiritual advancement. During World War II he was captured by the Nazis who were aware of his occult abilities and tortured him to try and pressure him into demonstrating his skills. On the day of his execution, the area of the concentration camp where he was being held was bombed by the Russians and he was able to escape unharmed.

Bardon returned to Opava and continued his hermetic work until he was again captured again in where he was arrested and imprisoned in Brno, Czechoslovakia and died in custody within the same year. The Origins of Franz Bardon Teachings There is always much speculation among people who wish to discover the origins of former teachers. Martin Faulks offers his perspective on this subject. Here is a summary of his main points: 1. The student classifies each under the four Elemental categories to see which Elements are out of balance in his Self.

A similar exercise classifies his virtues and strengths. Since the magician is to have control over all the Elemental worlds, he must not be unbalanced or have any obsessions that would impede his effectiveness, or allow weak spots that could cause his undoing.

Bardon regards these as the secret key to the subconscious. Bardon distinguishes carefully between two kinds of breathing: Pulmonary normal and through the skin.

This second type of breathing takes practice. The body can respire automatically, but the student needs to learn to control it, combine it with voluntary pulmonary breathing and selectively inspire the various Elements and Akasha. He claims that once you understand the energies properly, can recall an energy or situation with merely a surreptitious hand gesture, a silent formula or a combination thereof.

Communication with the astral world can either be active or passive. Passive techniques are simpler and safer, thus Bardon presents them first. Bardon also discusses the perils of accidentally creating them.

This inadvertent creation of phantasms which can attach to and parasitize the operator is a great danger for the dabbler in occultism. At this point, Bardon again insists that the student not skip any step in his development, in order to avoid this serious problem.

He also discusses magick animation of pictures and statues. The easiest way is to dissolve a gramof soluble gold chloride in 20 grams of distilled water. Pour enough cold water over them to cover them completely. Let the chamomile flowers boil for about 20 minutes. Cool them, but leave the lid on the pot and strain the decoction. Put this on the fire again and allow it to evaporate slowly until it weighs about 50 grams. A few drops more or less do not matter at all. Let the extract cool and, for better preservation, mix it with the same quantity in this case 50 grams of spirit or alcohol.

Remember to never use methyl or wood alcohol in any preparation meant to be used in or on the body. To this mixture add about 10 drops of the gold tincture prepared above. Bardon continues: If you wish to use the condenser for your own purposes, you may still strengthen it, by adding a drop of your blood or sperm, if possible both together, on a swab of cotton wool, throw this afterwards without any scruples into the condenser and shake the lot well.

Then, pour all, in a funnel, through filter paper or linen into a small bottle and keep it well corked in a cool and dark place, ready to use. The magician can use these condensers in many ways: mixing them with liquids to drink, for anointing, mixing them with incense compounds, or pouring them in small bowls to collect and concentrate certain energies.

Any fluid condenser which has been prepared in this manner does not lose its efficiency even after many years. The condenser must be well shaken each time you are going to use it, the bottle is to be corked again after withdrawing some out of it. In the same way you can prepare several universal condensers from Russian or genuine Chinese tea, from lily-blossoms-best are the white ones-popular leaves, alrauneroots or mandragora roots, arnica montana, acacia flowers.

Any simple fluid condenser, prepared from one plant is sufficient for normal use such as influencing through the elements,or developing the astral senses by means of the fluid condensers. After a brief description, Bardon lists many ways the magician can use it.

He describes treatment of the sick using electro-magnetic fluids and the magickal loading of talismans, amulets and gems. Elevation of the Spirit to Higher Levels This chapter discusses the various ways the student should improve his spiritual qualities.

Bardon wraps up with a discussion of several occult topics such as exteriorization, levitation, production of natural phenomena, suggestion, hypnosis, psychometry and long distance impregnation of rooms.


Franz Bardon—true guide or deceiver?

Franz Bardon—true guide or deceiver? A critical review of the teachings and books of the Czech occultist and magician Introduction Due to the number of questions we have received about Franz Bardon from concerned readers over the years we have taken the unusual step of writing about a specific occultist—something we have deliberately avoided until now. One reason for this is our cordial dislike of argument which invariably convinces no one and leads nowhere. Another is that we never tell people what they should or should not read, think or do, as this would be an unwarrantable interference with their personal freedom—including the freedom to make mistakes! Finally, it is far better to learn to distinguish the difference between truth, half-truths and downright lies through our own efforts rather than by having it explained to us by others, however well-meaning or knowledgeable. We are familiar with the teachings of all these orders which include some very dangerous exercises that can do untold damage to body, mind and spirit —or Higher Self in our terminology.


Franz Bardon

Bardon was rescued by Soviet soldiers who raided the camp. Bardon continued his work in the fields of Hermetics until when he was arrested and imprisoned in Brno , Czechoslovakia. Bardon died from pancreatitis on 10 July while in the custody of police. An additional fourth work attributed to him by the title of Frabato the Magician, supposed by many of his students to be a disguised autobiography. Though the book lists its author as Bardon, it was actually written by his secretary, Otti Votavova.


The crucial nature of these elementary, beginning steps is all too often overlooked by other systems and this does an ill service to the novice. True success with magic is built upon a foundation of simple things -- the firmer the foundation, the farther the student will be able to rise. In Step One, the student will find the basics of the rest of the course: Meditation, Introspection and Self-Discipline. I cannot stress sufficiently how absolutely essential these three things are to genuine magic. The first is titled "Thought Control", but this is sort of a misnomer. What is meant here is not direct, active control of what thoughts arise in your mind; rather, what is referred to is establishing yourself as an active observer of your thoughts. When the observer-perspective is established, the multitude of thoughts that normally arise, will naturally slow of their own accord.

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