Need a leg up on the competition? Separate chapters are devoted to the manul levels of commissioning, including basic, comprehensive and critical system commissioning. Architectural Sheet Metal Inspection Guide An invaluable inspection resource for owners of standing seam, batten seam, or Bermuda-type roofs. This booklet explains the uniqueness of the market, provides examples of shop burden costs, including ffree of what should be considered as part of this expense. In addition to the basic engineering guidelines for the sizing of HVAC ductwork systems, the manual also provides related information on materials, methods of construction, economics of duct systems, duct system layout, pressure losses, fan selection, duct leakage, acoustic considerations, and Testing, Adjusting and Balancing TAB.

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Nisar Variable air volume, multi-zone, dual duct and exhaust air systems are examples of the systems specifically covered and time-saving forms are included for precise record keeping during the conduct of a TAB project. Also contains information on active and passive smoke control systems and smoke detectors, plus soft metrics.

Covering topics that include roof drainage systems, decks, chimneys, windows, doors and ledges, the new manual presents details and explanations based on and designed for low-rise residential buildings, up to three stories, that are used as single-family and multi-family dwellings.

Includes general as well as specific guidance for both air-and water-side HVAC system adjusting and balancing. They address all facets of the business, from duct construction and installation to indoor air quality and air pollution control, from energy recovery to roofing.

Offers new construction techniques and alternative methods of design and installation reflecting climatic conditions and rainfall rates. Contractors interested in new opportunities will find market entry guidance and ideas to assist them in the development of new business strategies that target the renovation of existing buildings. The Guideline covers how to manage the source of air pollutants, control measures, quality control and documentation, communication with occupants. Includes a new educational chapter for designers and specifiers, to aid in the specification and implementation of duct leakage and testing methods.

Methods discussed include using building systems automation, envelope improvements, and demand control strategies including thermal energy storage. Make a Technical Inquiry. When choosing a roofing style, many architects choose custom fabricated metal roofs.

The request must pertain to a specifically identified portion of a SMACNA technical document that does not involve published text which already provides emacna requested information.

Offers a standardized, engineered basis for design and construction of industrial ducts of Classes 1 to 5. Thermoset FRP Duct Construction Manual SMACNA contractors researched the current and future potential use of fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP duct as well as its physical properties, to provide contractors, architects, engineers, managers, and plant owners with this authoritative resource that can be relied upon for the proper selection, manufacture, and installation of FRP duct systems.

This completely revised publication contains the most comprehensive set of recommended practices available for proper design and installation of custom-fabricated architectural sheet metal including roof drainage system design for scuppers, gutters and downspouts.

It is a practical how-to guide for contractors, owners and engineers interested in learning about commissioning for new buildings and recommissioning for existing buildings. The program helps designers of air pollution control and industrial ventilation systems in selecting reinforcement alternatives in all areas of industrial duct manufacturing.

Also illustrates the requirements of the most commonly encountered insulated surfaces, such as boiler walls, flues, ducts, precipitators, air heaters, economizers, tanks and fans. These drawings illustrate the best practices in custom architectural sheet metal work.

To help keep costs in check go to the Reference Manual for Labor Units. Sheet Metal Welding Guide This publication and the wealth of information it contains are intended to assist contractors, estimators and shop supervisors in profitably managing the welding activity in a sheet metal shop.

It includes example projects, tables, references, resources, and checklists. Updated coverage of welding processes; flux-cored wire guidelines; and the latest equipment. An electronic spreadsheet calculates and adjusts the data for specif ic tree types and unique site characteristics. Separate chapters are devoted to the different levels of commissioning, including basic, comprehensive and critical system commissioning.

Also includes chapters on industrial applications, material properties, hangers and supports, fittings, vents, doors, discharge ducts small stacks manuual surface preparation of metals. Also covers flashing, metal roofs, copings, gravel-stop fascia.

This presentation will smadna the following with respect to rectangular duct: The duct sizing tool offers a inch maximum duct smacnw. This powerful app, available today, is actually Web-based. It is an updated product that provides a source of the labor units data required to fabricate and install HVAC materials and equipment.

It covers the simple, low or moderate temperature and pressure or vacuum indoor systems as well as the more complex outdoor systems that operate at moderate to high temperature and pressure or vacuumand are subject to higher and more complex external loading.

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