For the species Dicranopteris linearis Burm. Torrey Bot. Club Indo-Chine 7 2 :

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For the species Dicranopteris linearis Burm. Torrey Bot. Club Indo-Chine 7 2 : II, Pterid. Ark Popularis Sin. Asian Stud. Thailand 3: Thailand: 32, 33, Lao PDR: Cambodge Indica: , t. Clarke, Trans. London, Bot. Ferns Brit.

India: 4, f. Malaya ed. Polypodium dichotomum Thunb. Murray : Schrader For Dicranopteris linearis Burm. Nakai Dicranopteris linearis Burm. Nakai, Bull. Thailand: Clarke var. Regni Veg. Description Terrestrial. Rhizome widely creeping , hairy. Primary rachis -branches usually twice or thrice forked , the two branches at each fork nearly equal; ultimate branches 15—30 cm long, 4—7 cm wide; ultimate segments linear , entire , round at apex , up to 4 mm broad; texture firm , lower surface slightly glaucous , glabrescent , veins more or less prominent on lower surface and hairy.

There are several varieties included in this species. Among them the following are known from Thailand. Key to the varieties in Thailand 1. Accessory branches not always present at ultimate fork…2 1. Accessory branches always present at ultimate fork…3 2. Branches at each fork of a lateral branch -system approximately equal; lateral branch -systems forked 1—3 times… var. Branches at successive forks alternately unequal; lateral branch -systems on well-grown plants forked at least 3 times… var.

Ratio of length to width of branches commonly ; costules c. Ratio of length to width greater; costules more widely separated… var. Dicranopteris linearis Burm. Khammouane, Luang Phrabang, Xieng Khouang. Wider Distribution Dicranopteris linearis Burm. Ecology Dicranopteris linearis Burm. Nakai Reported from rather dry clearing at edge of forest by the river at — m alt.

All are common and widespread. Notes We have not attempted to distinguish the varieties in Thailand. Voucher specimens - Cambodia Long et al. CL, Siem Reap P. Site hosted by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Last updated 24 January


Dicranopteris linearis

Spesies: Gleichenia linearis Burm. Nama ilmiah Gleichenia linearis dan nama lain dari tanaman ini yaitu Paku Rasam, Suku gleicheniaceae. Andam merupakan jenis Pteridophyta paku-pakuan besar yang biasa tumbuh pada tebing-tebing di tepi jalan di pegunungan. Andam banyak tumbuh di tempat-tempat teduh, lembab, dan subur di daerah tropis dan subtropis. Di Indonesia, Andam sering dijumpai di tebing-tebing di sekitar Sumatera dan Kalimantan dengan ketinggian hingga 2. Tingginya dapat mencapai 3 — 10 kaki. Ada pula Andam yang tumbuh subur dan lebat di hutan-hutan Hawaii.


Folkloric Young leaves are used as poultice, decoction or infusion for fever. Plant used as antiasthmatic. In Indo-China, used as antihelmintic. Roots of pulasan Nephelium mutabile are boiled with G linearis and used for bathing feverish patients. Used for bloody diarrhea. In east New Britain, bound externally to wounds, cuts and sores.



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