Palabras clave Gymnopodium floribundum subsp. Rohlf and D. Italian Journal of Zoology 71 1 : A Viera-Castro, A. Ancona, J.

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Palabras clave Gymnopodium floribundum subsp. Rohlf and D. Italian Journal of Zoology 71 1 : A Viera-Castro, A. Ancona, J. Tun-Garrido, M. Ferrer and J. Gymnopodium toledense Polygonaceae , a new species from Belize resolved by morphology and distance analyses of molecular data. Willdenowia 48 3 : Gymnopodium floribundum trees Polygonaceae harbour a diverse ectomycorrhyzal fungal community in the tropical deciduous forest of southeastern Mexico.

Research and Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences 4 3 : Bandala, V. Montoya, R. Villegas, T. Cabrera, M. Acta Botanica Mexicana Neomillspaughia, a new genus of Polygonaceae, with remarks on related genera. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 48 3 : Revised subfamily clarification for Polygonaceae, with a tribal classification for Eriogonoideae.

Brittonia 63 4 : Sanchez, K. Kron and M. Placing the woody tropical genera of Polygonaceae: A hypothesis of character evolution and phylogeny. American Journal of Botany 97 8 : Morphometrics and the identification of Braunia andrieuxii and B. Systematic Botany 33 2 : Etnoflora Yucatanense vol. Fox, J. Journal of Statistical Software Goodwin, Z. Lopez, N. Stuart, S.

Bridgewater, E. Haston, I. Cameron, D. Michelakis, J. Ratter, P. Furley, E. Kay, C. Whitefoord, J. Solomon, A. Lloyd and D. A checklist of the vascular plants of the lowland savannas of Belize, Central America. Phytotaxa 1 : A general coefficient of similarity and some of its properties.

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Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria. Sheets, H. Department of Physics, Canisius, College, Buffalo. Shorthouse, D. SimpleMappr, an online tool to produce publication-quality point maps. Standley, P.

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