The author leads readers on an adventure with her deep insights, sharing her personal experiences with the unseen and offering techniques for you to pursue. Ordering Information: U. OR send total via PayPal to dohent juno. Please include your shipping address and the book title in the message box!

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The author, Helen Hadsell, has won everything she ever wanted - cars, a trip to Hawaii, money and a microwave oven why she would want such a dangerous thing as a microwave is beyond me, but everyone to their taste. In the US there are apparently all sorts of competitions one can take part in. Ive never noticed any in Denmark where I live and am not really interested in writing slogans for various firms, such as Coca-Cola and the like, but Im sure many are.

What I read this book in Danish. She found out that winners of such competitions all had the following in common: 1 They decided what they wanted. This is important information. Helen was a Silva Mind graduate, which gave her a good basic understanding and knowledge of spiritual principles to help her with her various winning projects.

In this book, she tells us about various competitions she and her family participated in - what they did, and what they won. Helen also provides us with lots of practical advice about what to do to win the various competitions. She often sent in up to fifty coupons for a specific competition, if the prize was particularly attractive. She impresses on us the importance of precisely following the rules and regulations of the firm offering the competition.

I see this book is at present enormously expensive on Amazon — I bought it as a paperback in Danish years ago. But if you can get hold of the book at a reasonable price and love competitions, I recommend that you get it.


Helene Hadsell

Goran Law of Attraction What is it made of? The more detail, backed with positive emotions this is important! Photo request sent successfully. Blessings to you Joe! Latitude must be between and Hi Joe, the link to your original blog about Helene does not link back to anything, can you provide another link please? I heard from Zig Ziglar that the only time it was mentioned in the bible was as punishment, and that where retirement became a mainstream ideal was in the s. Family Members Family members linked to this person will appear here.


Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game: WINeuvers for WISHcraft





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