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When Heifetz tested him at the age of fourteen, he had to play scales to really test his violin technique. Music is made out of scales If you have scales , arpeggios and double stops in your fingers, it will take so much less time to practice a new piece of music. You can focus on expression and musicality much earlier without getting lost in the technique.

What scales should you practice? Each day you can: Practice a different scale each day to maintain and improve your technique in general.

Pick a particular exercise, like scales in octaves, and play them in each key. Apply different bowing techniques to for example a three octave scale. This all depends on your level of playing and what you want to improve on right now. Never practice scales mindlessly. Flesch — Scale System This is the book I grew up with. You can pick for example the key of the piece you play and do all kinds of scale exercises in it. It starts with one octave scales, arpeggios and broken thirds in one octave on one string.

The only downside might be that there are not much bowing and rhythm variations, but I was always used that my teacher gave me assignments about this. Click here to buy the Flesch violin scale book in the edition I recommend. Volume 1 includes scales organized per exercise. So each exercise like scales on one string is given in each key. Flesch is organized per key and gives all exercises in that key. It depends on your practice strategy what you like best.

Good thing is that this book also includes the four octave scales! The book includes an insert with bowing and rhythm patterns that you can apply to the scales. Very useful! Volume 2 is focussed on double and multiple stops in scale and arpeggio exercises. I recommend buying both volumes including the bowing and rhythm patterns.

Click here to buy volume 1 and here to buy volume 2. Sevcik — Scales and arpeggios Just as Galamian this book is organized per exercise and gives this exercise in all keys. It walks you through the positions with specific scale exercises for each position.

I know a lot of accomplished violinists who grew up with Sevcik instead of Flesch. This can differ per country. Click here to buy the Sevcik violin scale book.


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