Sophia Catling. Selina Langland writes Caroline that her father has died and to come to the funeral. It was a good story, well written and I enjoyed the writing style. Her father lost what little wealth he had years ago, and now the debt collectors have grown quite severe. Although Caro has better experience with gambling hells than genteel parlors, her father nevertheless manages to secure her a place with a cantankerous old lady. Despite years of experience fending for herself, Caro is still young, and she finds that shifting into the quieter mode of Society rather difficult.

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Start your review of Indiscretion Write a review Aug 29, Anne rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fans of Regency romance, especially if you love Jane Austen Recommended to Anne by: Jaima Shelves: favorites , romance , historical-romance , owned , regency , gentleman-like-heroes , love-heroine , grab-during-fire , dear-sir-i-am-in-love-with-you , best-of Books like this are the reason I read and love Regency romance.

They enable me to really escape to a different time and place, and to lose myself completely in the story. This is the kind of book that will become a classic, forever analyzed and admired by readers. Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer would be proud of the wonderful characters, exclaim at the witty repartee Books like this are the reason I read and love Regency romance.

Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer would be proud of the wonderful characters, exclaim at the witty repartee and delight in the romance. Jude Morgan is definitely one extremely talented writer! Because of her upbringing - moving constantly, fleeing creditors, being exposed to rough language and lowly behaviour, and living in poorer parts of town - Caroline is very worldly, and very independent.

If it had been possible for a woman to live completely by herself in the Regency era, Caroline would have done it. She is smart, quick-witted and resourceful. I was in constant amazement and admiration of her during the whole book.

She was so strong. Catling, and is swept away in Brighton high society. From then, her life unwillingly becomes a series of entanglements and secrets, as most of her new acquaintances are quick to bestow unwanted confidences upon her, and she must bear them all and do her utmost to keep a neutral front.

Caroline does suffer her fair share during the course of the novel, and many, many times I was sure she would break down and have a good crying fit, but aside from shedding a few natural tears over the death of her father not a spoiler, he dies early on , she never did. Does that make her heartless and unfeeling? Absolutely not. I loved her even more when she was able to control her emotions so well and bear the weight of all the accusations bestowed upon her.

For, as quick as people were to bestow confidences upon her, so were they to jump to hasty conclusions and blame her whenever their secrets became known or when things turned awry.

And in the midst of it all, Caroline, with her unfailing countenance and brave face, only emerged from it all stronger in the end. Sure, she had her angry moments, and since she had a quick tongue and a varied cursing repertoire, she sometimes unleashed her frustration by saying things like: "Damn and blast and set fire to it all - and especially bloody Brighton - I swear if I hear that word once more I shall scream the rafters down!

The world needs more people liker her. It had its slow moments, to be sure, but some parts had me reading so fast and gripping the pages frantically in suspense! It was an exciting read, but at the same time it was serious and had many deep passages that invited to reflection and analysis. And the romance, heavens be praised!

So subtle, and yet so beautiful! The hero is just I love sparring couples ; And he is not handsome, rich, rakish, a nonesuch, or anything of the kind.

Who can resist a man opposed to marriage because he is convinced the woman of his dreams does not exist? It is unique, charming, endearing, and I will definitely re-read it many times! I loved that it was so different from all the other Regencies I have ever read.

Mark my words, I would say, if I were the kind of intolerable person who says "Mark my words"!








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