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The productivity of these investments enable companies and nations to compete. The maintenance of capital investments involves significant recurring expenses. During the last decade, manufacturers found this approach to be insufficient. As companies have invested in programs such as JIT and TQM in an effort to increase organizational capabilities, the benefits from these programs have often been limited by unreliable or inflexible equipment.

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Seiichi Nakajima

Nakajima developed TPM in the early s as an outgrowth of productive maintenance——a hybrid of preventive and predictive maintenance and several engineering methods carried out through employee involvement. Nakajima was instrumental in incorporating the best known evolving maintenance systems into one organized approach. Nakajima began studying American preventive maintenance in the s. He learned of reliability and maintainability engineering, life cycle costing, zero defects, preventive and predictive maintenance, operator-assisted maintenance, and task teams. Nakajima then superbly combined these practices to create a highly effective process. By minimizing delays caused by equipment problems, Total Productive Maintenance is a key contributor in streamlining the flow of production. In fact, George Smith, the founder of Marshall Institute , was at the forefront of maintenance improvement philosophies and best practices in the U.


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