John Scalzi is the author of this novel. The author is a great Hard science fiction writer and really know how and when to entertain the readers. The story which he lays over this construct is great and it is certainly readable. This story is built with two protagonists and two slowly intertwining story arcs that meet in a very satisfying way. During the reading, readers can these scenes in their head very clearly.

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Beam Piper. Instead, it is a retelling of this unique and interesting story but with attention being made to the different world the audience finds itself in now, versus the early s. There are so many fun, cute, interesting, and intriguing things in this story, I barely know where to begin. The world that was created in this story, mirroring very closely to the original, is a complex one where this feels like just one small story among a huge stockpile of others.

Like any good sci-fi universe, this could easily become its own playground to create a canon unlike others yet feel so familiar. John Scalzi tells of a roguish prospector by the name of Jack Holloway who in the very first scene we see him giving his dog, Carl, the opportunity to press the button that sets off explosives in a remote cliffside of this uninhabited jungle planet.

The story is of Jack inadvertently coming across this small little family of odd, fuzzy creatures who have seemed to take a shine to him. Along the way, Jack has made a stone discovery that could net him, and the company he contracted for, an incalculable sum of money. But, the catch he discovers is that this company will do whatever it takes to strip the planet clean so long as there are no sentient or intelligent beings on the planet.

Unfortunately, Jack quickly discovers that his little fuzzy friends are very much intelligent and very much sentient. This sets off a legal battle to try and show that this is the case, which will cost Jack his fortune and potentially ruin the mining company. The end is one that is expected, but welcome and caps off the adventure nicely.

As far as narrators go, there are few I enjoy more than Wil Wheaton. He has an easy-going cadence and tone, as well as a cadence that illustrates his own love of the genre. In print, this can easily be overlooked because the eye can scan over it quickly and barely acknowledge it as it is read. When narrated, though, it is easy to hear the word and can get a little tedious. Book Description:.


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Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi has been one of those books that I wanted to wait a few days to review because I wanted to separate my feelings of the book and author from the hype that surrounds the book. Fuzzy Nation is a short science fiction book about a surveyor named Jack Holloway, who is on a mining planet that discovers a natural resource vein that will make him and the company he works for extremely rich. This planet can only be mined if there are no intelligent sapiens on the planet though. This book was good. I liked the plot premise quite a bit and the court room scenes were done more entertaining than I thought they would be. Like other Scalzi books, this was a really fun book, with a lot of humor, and snarky attitude from the main character.


Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi

Beam Pipers popular, classic, Little Fuzzy. With deep respect for Pipers Friends The story takes place on the planet Zarathustra where ZaraCorp has been granted an exclusive mining and exploration charter from Earth to exploit locate and process the autochthonous commodities of the planet. The Fuzzies are so damned likable and sweet that the narrative could easily have slipped into a cavity-causing fluff piece. Plus, he infuses the story with his trade-mark wit and sarcastic dialogue that keeps the story on a very even keel while allowing the unquestionable appeal of the Fuzzys to seep in on its own. A major improvement from the original is the character of Jack Holloway.


Fuzzy Nation ePub by John Scalzi


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