They are highly prized, treasured, and sought after by almost every single culture, group, faction, and societal entity on Gor. A kajira is considered one of the most precious pieces of property a Gorean Free can own in their lifetime as they often are trained in such a way that can not be reproduced anywhere else. There are specific laws, rules, limits, and conditions when a person is a kajira and how Free may utilize kajirae. Kajirae facilitate to the manual labor, sexual, emotional, and personal needs of the Free they serve.

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Start your review of Kajira of Gor Gor, 19 Write a review Shelves: goodbye-brain-cells , derp , fifty-shades-of-shite , stop-glorifying-abusive-relationshi , thud-and-blunder Is another Gorean novel, this time number 19 in the Chronicles of Gor series by John Norman.

Ohhhhh boy. Executive Summary "Lie there and juice. Waste no time about it. I get it. You want me to goodbye more brain cells reading this horrific unpleasantness. Her choice of being seen to is precisely none. So how does she end up in this lamentable situation, used as - literally - part of the furniture by abject creephats and singular perverts? There, two creepy men get her to assume a submissive and nude position which causes her to "tremble with arousal.

I thought the only custom of Gor was to have chained naked slave girls in your local pub for the pouring of wine and other servies, and that other than that it was standard sword-and-sandal setting. Of course. Though she does wonder what slave chains would feel like on her. Or rather, she puts them on herself, being assured all along by one Drusius Rensius that as the queen she can order him to unbind her at any time.

Which turns out to be slightly false. Oh no! Shock horror! In another fit of creepiness, Mr Norman introduces us to the concept of the "slave orgasm. This surely fails sex forever insert gittish joke about how in my experience, this actually happens. This is ridiculous, surely! Slave orgasm. Christ on a bike. It goes thus: "I must conclude this narrative now.

I hasten to obey. Why would two blokes of Gor make an interplanetary round trip to Earth to kidnap Tiffany Collins just to subject her to an abusively mark-overstepping TPE arrangement, for no gain in any way to them?

How much would this cost? What is the bloody point? But I digress. The other problem is that the novel is abjectly dull. I read that bit and But the cardinal sin with this novel is that Mr Norman has already done it before, and better too.

No, not "Slave Girl of Gor. Which is a pity, because the first 10 or so are fairly enjoyable thud and blunder and have lots of anthropology porn in them and especially the early one lots of stony s silliness. However, once you get past "Slave Girl of Gor" they take a serious turn for the worse excepting the Jason Marshall sub-trilogy, which is from the viewpoint of a male slave who wins his freedom through success as a gladiator then becomes a minor Gorean power in his own right.

I have Louisa Freemantle chained to the foot of my couch, who I bought of a passer by for two pounds twenty.


Kajira of Gor

Terminology[ edit ] The phrase "la kajira" is said to mean "I am a slave girl. The word is usually seen in the feminine form "kajira" pl. The construction "kajiras" is incorrect, but is occasionally seen in third-party writing. Slave tasks may include not only sexual slavery, but also the ability to maintain a household, possess artistic skills, wear an appealing outfit and address the master in a certain manner.







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