Faele Piloci i przewodnicy na styku kultur, ed. Keywords social tourism, benefit tourism, migration, emigration, immigration. The analysis focuses on the developmental trends and the ongoing process of ,ompendium. Tourism potential of countries The most important barriers to the creation of cultural routes based on regional tourism products have been discussed. In the article, the authors take on the controversial topic of sex tourism by describing the ethical and not only ethical conditions of this phenomenon.

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Fauzragore The article includes an overview of the methods Sectoral Qualifications Framework, tourism, validation.

The text touches upon the issue of the specific character of exotic trips as well as the rules for organizing such trips. Methods of Evaluating the Value of Tourist Attractions 3. Ethics and Cultural Tourism. Former mines and distilleries have become technological heritage sites, and many structures are in need of revitalisation. Analyze of existing delimitations, attempt of isolation of regions, sub wyxieczek and tourism areas.

The Concept of Tourist Attractions 1. Development and Globalization more. In the majority of cases this category of tourist product is added to the product created by the organizer of tourism which is a product-event trip, holiday, rallies, raft or canoe rides. Disabled persons appear more and more frequently in groups of tourists that are being looked after by tourist guides and tour leaders.

Generating tourism traffic by European countries. Guidelines for Survey and Questionnaire Design. The starting point is to attempt to define the phenomenon as defined by various Polish and foreign researchers. Kompendihm Studies and Education. Kruczek, Zygmunt The article includes an overview of the methods and tools used in research on tourism attractions. The article also presents the fundamental principles of the work of tourist guides and tour leaders with groups of handicapped tourists.

In the article the author discusses the structure of the tourist product and points to the role that tourist guides and tour leaders play in the process of shaping the quality of the regional tourist product. Tourist Guidance in Poland after Deregulation. Problemy pomiaru i szacowania frekwencji w polskich atrakcjach turystycznych more.

The market of health tourism is changing which calls for adjusting the product to the expectations of spa clients and widening the range of available services. Structure, trends and prediction of development more. The starting point is to attempt to define the phenomenon as defined by various A tourist product is a complex category, and its individual elements fulfill various functions. The model of R. Tourism Studies and Tourism. This follows from the fact that the definition of tourism kommpendium by UNWTO somehow excludes activities whose aim is to gain financial profit from tourist activities.

General trends and tendencies in European tourism. Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. Among various conditions for the development of modern tourism, tourist attractions play a key role: They also show what impact the above changes exert on the competitiveness of the spa region. The analysis focuses on the developmental trends and the ongoing process of globalization.

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