It is also the third book in the Royal House of Shadows series. Dayn was the second prince of Elden. When the Blood Sorcerer attacked, Dayn was outside the castle with a hunting party. Not just because hunting dangerous beasts who roamed near the castle was part of his duties, but because he was angry with the King and Queen, his parents, for telling him he had to marry a princess instead of the continuing to dally with whomever he pleased. Their argument was the last time they ever spoke before their deaths at the hands of the Blood Sorcerer. Their final spell saved his life, as it did the lives of his siblings.

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She now writes full time, and has penned more than thirty science-themed intrigues and paranormal thrillers that have hit the bestseller lists and been nominated for numerous awards. She lives in CT with a cast of four-legged friends, and is hard at work on her next novel!

Read an Excerpt Reda Weston stalled on the sidewalk outside the Cat Black Curiosity Shop with her hand on the latch and her stomach in knots. Yes, the stranger had a wavy red-shot ponytail the same as hers, and she was wearing the ratty jeans and beat-up leather jacket Reda had pulled out of her closet that morning because there was no reason for her to dress like a cop these days.

And yeah, those were her deep blue eyes at the back of the dark hollows that had taken up permanent residence. But if that was her, what the hell was she doing? And she had asked MacEvoy, the owner of Cat Black, to find the book for her. More, she had dreamed about the image and others like it. This was her first full-blown compulsion.

Or rather, the strange urge that practically dragged her into the creepy-ass store earlier in the week had been the first. This was her second. And it was much stronger. Except that her maman had said it was one of a kind.

And suddenly she saw the major in the shape of the blue eyes that stared back at her, and in the ramrod posture that made her look taller than her true five-six. What have you got to lose?

She hesitated another moment, then shook her head and pushed through the door, causing a distant bell to ring in the back of the cluttered shop. Display racks near the door held the usual suspects: artsy postcards, books on the witch trials, copies of The House of the Seven Gables and such.

But the racks themselves were made of wood rather than the usual cheesy wire, and the sides were carved with strange, sinuous curves and the hint of scales and teeth. The walls were painted black, with greenish white accents she bet glowed in the dark when MacEvoy turned off the lights. This was so not her scene. She should just leave.


Lord of the Wolfyn

Jul 03, Laura rated it really liked it 3. Our heroine Reda is a cop who froze during a robbery, causing her partner to get shot she feels the weight of guilt and blame of his death, feeling she is such a coward. So she has since taken a leave of absence from the force, and is instead hunting down a painting and book. We enter the story as she gets the book. We are given little snippets and hints that her mother gave her this 3. We are given little snippets and hints that her mother gave her this one of a kind book about Little Red Riding Hood when she was a child, then told her all would become clear once she was But her mother died, and her non-nonsense father felt that any little bit of magic the dreams about the book Reda had was bs.


Lord of the Wolfyn / Twin Targets


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