Fegami Tamil free PDF download. Newly married woman conducts 33 pournami. Upavasams are performed on every single Monday. Offering Lord Vishnu the oil lamps or deepams, flowers, your anger, food, etc. But the river totally settles with the start of Karthika Masam. There is no sacred month like Karthik Masam, there is no God similar to Lord Vishnu and there is no scripture like Vedas and no river like Ganga, as per our Puranas.

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If you are having Ganesha made of Turmeric powder, soft clay or Kozhukattai dough, pour water and other abhishekam items only in spoons else Ganesha will dissolve in water. You can chant this Ganesha Gayathri mantram while doing Abhishekam. Take all the abhishekham items in a plate as shown in the picture.

Keep a bowl full of water. Keep some flowers in a plate. Keep an incense stick and a camphor ready. Take a wide plate thambaalam. Place a wooden plank inside it and keep the Ganesh idol. Start the abhishekam by putting some flowers and few drops of water. Before doing abhishekam,keep this mind. Ganesh idol should not fall down during abhishekam. So do not pour more water. Touch the idol carefully with support. First do the sesame oil abhishekam, then apply shikakai powder.

Wash it well by adding water. Mix rice flour in water and do the abhishekam. Then comes milk, lemon juice, tender coconut water, curd, panchamirtham followed by honey.

Collect the panchamirtham with honey in a plate. Pour some water and then continue with sandal paste, Kumkum and lastly viboodhi abhishekam. Finish the abhishekam with little milk. Show the dheep. Pour water and start to decorate the Ganesh. Collect all the abhishekam water in the wide plate and pour in tulsi plant or under some trees. Lord Ganesha Decoration Wipe the idol with a clean cloth.

Then wear a new cloth for the idol. Decorate with Tulsi leaves Generally Tulsi should not be used to decorate Ganesha. But it is allowed only on this day. Vellerukku malai, arugampul malai and flowers. Please download it and follow the directions. Before you start the pooja, keep lots of flowers, leaves and Arugampul in a plate. Keep a small bowl full of Panchamirtham and a spoonful of honey in a bowl.

A Coconut is placed over the mouth of the Kalash. Five mango leaves are placed inside the kalash before placing the coconut like a skirting. Light the lamp on the sides of Ganesha. Keep the small turmeric Ganesha made of turmeric powder mixed with little water nearby the idol.

Place a plate with 5 types of fruits, broken coconut, betel leaves and nuts in front of the God. In another plate or banana leaf,spread the neivdeyam recipes. Kozhukattai varieties comes to the left side of Ganesha. Rice and other items has to be kept in the usual order.

Refer picture for the idea. Keep payasam and aval. Start doing the pooja. For any pooja, Poorvanga pooja is considered as Pradhana pooja. So keep the turmeric Ganesha before the Ganesh idol and start the poorvanga pooja mantra. Check out this PDF for detailed pooja stotras with method in Tamil. Finish the pooja with mangala aarti!





Nitya Pooja Vidhanam (Telugu)


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