Kazit Bhavalu updated for all the poems fixed crash bug. It is said that he refused to give away his work for any remuneration even to their king. In the application when we opened the any chapter and their is no option to go back to the home we have to come out of the app and we have to restart the app and go to the chapter. Report page Share this. Home Potana Padyalu rendered in English by Dr. An appeal to the readers is to organise recitation competitions in these stanzas amongst children of different age groups and make them explain each of them.

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His father was Kesana and his mother Lakkamamba. He was known to be very polite and was an agriculturist by occupation. Though he was a great scholar, he never hesitated to work in the agricultural fields. This was his first poetic venture which had the seeds of his great poetic talents. Bhogini Dhandakam is the earliest available Dhandaka rhapsody which uses the same gana or foot all through in Telugu. As a young man, he was a devotee of Lord Siva.

Later, Pothana became a devotee of Lord Rama and more interested in salvation. In the view of Pothana, there is no difference between Siva and Vishnu and the same was reflected in his padyam "ChethuLAranga Sivuni Poojimpadeni Nooru Novvanga hari keerthi salupadeeni dhayanu satyamulonuga thalupadeni kaluganetiki thallula kadupuchetu".

One early morning during a lunar eclipse, on the banks of river Godavari, Pothana was meditating on Lord Siva. At that auspicious moment, Supreme Lord Rama appeared dressed like a king and requested Pothana to translate Bhagavatam into Telugu Andhramu and dedicate it to Him.

The king himself is a scholar and wrote many works including Rudranavasudhakara, a well known Sanskrit drama. It is known that Pothana was patronized by this king in his early career, Pothana dedicated his first great work to this king, the king himself was a scholar, his contemporary reputation was immense. It was common practice for many poets of the time to dedicate their devotional works to God himself and not necessarily to their patron-kings.

The poem containing the derision against the "Karanata Kiraata Keechakulu" is a chatuvu apocryphal attributed to Pothana with no proof that he actually wrote it.

Even if he did, it is unclear who the Karanata villains were, very likely the rulers of Karnaata Samrajyam the contemporary term for the Vijayanagara empire who were raiding Rachakonda at the time. The Rachakonda kingdom was under intense turmoil at the time, under attack by the Bahamanis from the west, Karanata Vijayanagara empire from the south and the Reddy Rajas from the east.

Rachakonda and its king ceased to exist by the midth century, absorbed into the Bahmani kingdom. There is yet another version about his birthplace. Style Edit He was quite fond of using rhythm and repetition of sounds giving a majestic grace to the style of writing. He was very skillful in using Alankaras figures of speech like similes and metaphors. Pothana imparted the knowledge of the divine to the Telugu people along with lessons in ethics and politics through Andhra Maha Bhagavatamu.

He lived for sixty years. The story goes that Pothana wrote the first line of the verse, but could not continue because he did not know how vaikuntha looks! So he paused the writing at that point, and went to farm he was a cultivator by profession.

When he came back in the evening, he saw the verse completed. He enquired his daughter about who wrote the other three lines. The daughter replied — "You yourself came in the afternoon and wrote some thing! So Pothana understood that Lord Sri Rama himself came and completed the verse.


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