After learning about Sita, Hanuman assumes a gargantuan form and makes a colossal leap across the ocean to Lanka after defeating Surasa , the Mother of the Nagas and Sinhika, who is sent by the Devtas. In the Ashok Vatika , Sita is wooed and threatened by Ravana and his demon mistresses to marry Ravana. He offers to carry Sita back to Rama, however she refuses, reluctant to allow herself to be rescued by any one, other than her husband. She says that Rama himself must come and avenge the insult of her abduction. He allows himself to be captured and produced before Ravana.

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Analaa Is the name of the daughter of Daksha and the wife of Kasyapa. Abheera Is the name of a forest race of robbers who inhabited the region of lake Drumakulya , situated on the seashore 6.

Their appearance and deeds were dreadful 6. Rama destroyed the robbers and purified the waters of the lake.. Achamana A purificatory rite done before religious ceremonies ,etc. It involves sipping of water taken into the palms of the hands and poured over the head. It also includes touching various parts of the body. This act is called Achamana. Manusmrti " Acharya A Spiritual Teacher or Guide especially who invests the student with the sacred thread and imparts the knowledge of Vedas and all practices relating to the religion.

Lord Vishnu was born from the womb of Aditi and had gone to King Bali, son of Virochana in the form of Vamana, other wise known as Upendra, 1. She prayed for the well being of Indra while fighting the asuras 2. With the grace of her husband, she could become the mother of 33 Vedic gods. Of these eldest is Indra and the yougest is Vamana. At the request of Indra, these gods were also ready to fight against Ravana. Sage Agastya taught to Rama in the battle field to enable him to kill Ravana 6.

Agastya A great Rishi and the reputed author of several hymns in the Rig-Veda. He performed wonderful deeds by the merits of his penance. He lived in Dandakaranya along with his brothers 1. He entertained Rama, Sita and Lakshmana in his hermitage, during their exile. Rama obtained many divine weapons 1. Agastya killed Sunda, husband of Tataka.

He accompanied Rama and his followers on his return journey to Ayodhya from Lanka with Sita after killing Ravana. Indra, in the disguise of Gautama destroyed her chastity 1. Gautama having come to know of it cursed the wife to turn into a stone. Ahsoka A minister of King Dasaratha 2. Ailodhana The name of a place where Bharata had crossed the river while returning from Kekaya Kingdom.

Airavata was the son of Iravati, daughter of Bhadramati who was wife of Kasyapa. Airavata was not human in shape; he was a large elephant. Indra took Airavata as his conveyance. Aja Is the name of the son of Nabhaga and father of Dasaratha 1. Akampan A mighty warrior among demons. He narrated the physical prowess and bravery of Rama.

In the end he advised Ravana to abduct Sita, being the only way left to kill Rama. Akshakumara He was one of three sons of Ravana born to Mandodari. He was a hero and a fierce warrior.. At the instance of Ravana , he fought with Hanuman and was given a big blow by Hanuman. Ordered by Bharadwaja she gave performance dance before Bharata 2. Ana Kasyapa married the daughters of Dakshaprajapti and of these Krodhavasa gave birth to ten girls including one named Matangi.

Elephants were born as the sons of Matangi 3. Son of Malee and Vasuda 7. His had the emblem of Tada used to feather on this mountain which had three peaks. In days of yore had said while cursing Ravana that in the Ikshwaku dynasty alone a super man would take birth and kill Ravana. Anasuya Is the name of the wife of sage Atri 2.

She converted ten days into nights on the request of Devatas. Atri asked his most fortunate, ascetic and religious minded wife to take Sita along with her. She represents the highest type of chastity and wifely devotion. Anatahpura Inner apartments of a palace set apart for women Andhaka Is the name of a demon who was killed by Rudra in Shvetaranya 3.

Andhra The name of region in south zone where Angada was sent in search of Sita by Sugriva 4. He was a member of the groups of monkeys sent by Sugriva to find out Sita. Rama anointed Angada as heir-apparent to the Kingdom of Kishkindha. Angaraka Is the name of a monstress living in the southern sea, who used to pull the living beings by catching the shade of the living beings.

Angatepa Is the name of a city situated in the west , where Sushena was sent by Sugreeva in search of Sita. This was built by Rama for Angada. Angeerasa He is a hermit born from the mind of Brahma after Pulastya 3. The king Nimi had invited him to his Sacrifice 7.

Anil Is the name of a monster who was the son of Malee and Vasuda and the prime minister of Vibheeshana 7. It is a mark of respect or salutation Anjana Is the name of a mountain. Anjanaa Is the name of a fairy popularly known as Punjikasthala born in the form of monkey due to a curse 4.

She was prominent among all the fairies and most beautiful woman on earth. She became the wife of the monkey king Kesari.

Thus Anjana gave birth to Hanuman in the woods in a valley on the southern side of Mahameru. Knowing this, Bharata came to a town named Pragvat. Bharata had come o through that while returning from Kekaya. Apsaras An a is a celestial nymph.

There are thousands of Apsaras. Brahma asked all the gods to produce sons in the form of monkeys gallant like themselves from the wombs of Apsaras etc , 5, 24 Archimalyasa Is the name of a mighty group leader of monkeys who was sent by Sugreeva to the west in search of Sita 4. While returning from Lanka. Hanuman climbed over this mountain to cross the sea. This mountain was ten yojanas in length and in thirty yojanas in height 5. Kasyapa had the synonym of Arishtanemi He became the 16th Brahma after Vivasvan.

He was killed by Vishnu 7. Arka Is the name of the Chief of a group of monkeys, who was protecting the army of Rama on one side while going towards South 6. Dharma duty , Artha prosperity. Kama legitimate pleasure and Moksha liberation , the four goals of human life. Arthasadhaka One of the eight ministers in the court of King Dasaratha. Aruna Is the name of brother of Garuda 3.

He was the father of Jatayu and Sampati 3. He used to capture the children of the town and throw them into Saryu river and enjoy the sight of the children drowning and dying. Due to his wicked nature, his father Sagara sent him out of the town 1.

Siddhartha had mentioned his wicked nature in detail 2. He had been killed by Dwividha 6. It had been conquered by Ravana. Ashtavakra He had got his righteous father Kahola liberated 6. Ashva Is the name of a sage, in whose ashram the sages of the Janasthana had taken shelter when they werebeing tortured by the rakshasas 2.

Ashvapati Is the name of the maternal uncle of Bharata. Ashvini Devatas were the sons of Kashyapa and Aditi and they wereregarded among the 33 Vedic gods 3. Haihaya, Talajangha and Shashobindu etc. Defeated by the enemies,he with two wives started residing in Himalayas where he died 1. His queens were pregnant at the time of his death, one of them Kalindee gave birth to Sagara with the mercy of Sage Chyavana 1.

Astra A missile , a weapon. It is presided over by a god and a mantra has to be recited while discharging or withdrawing the missile. After killing demoness Tataka, Viswamitra reveals to Rama the secret of using a great many varieties of divine weapons..

They belong to demoniac dynasty. This is performed to get absolved of all sins. Fixing a victory card on the head of the horse, it is allowed to roam about freely. If anybody stops the horse and ties it , the King should go and defeat him in battle and bring back the horse. His body was very huge He had come to the battle field along with Ravana.

He obtained Pasupatastra from Siva. Seven Rishis.


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