Weight and Balance 7. Total Capacity Each Tank: Weight and Balance, and associated papers latest copy of the are applicable to your airplane, are available from your Cessna Dealer. Monitor course guidance raw data during the approach cssna assure signal quality. Propeller Care The soap suds, used sparingly, will remove traces of dirt and grease. The following additional publications, plus many other supplies that Manual.

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Strobe Light Switch — ON. Our interest in your flying pleasure has not ceased with your purchase of a Cessna. Page of Go. After passing through the filter, the induction air enters an OPEN position for maximum cooling. Lights Supplied With Three Transmitters. The large, outer control knob labeled for the marker beacon lights. Baggage Area 1 — Station 82 to The set includes a channel VHF communications receiver- transmitter and a channel VHF navigation receiver, both of which may be operated simultaneously.

Any failure of the above procedures indicates that a failure exists in the system and the system shall not be operated until the failure has been located and corrected. Page VHF navigation receiver.

The marker beacon audio tone identifier is automatically Figure 2. A procedure similar to takeoff should be used for estimating the landing distance at the destination airport. Short field technique as specified in Section 4. Airplane File The following additional publications, plus many other supplies that Manual. The gyros are located immediately in front of the pilot, and weight.

Using the button as before, advance the hour digits to the correct hour as referenced pkh a known time standard. Since this DME is not factory take the airplane to travel the distance to the channeled station.

A separate equipment list of items installed in your specific airplane is provided in your aircraft file. The system consists of two wing tip-mounted strobe lights with integral power suppliesa rocker switch, labeled STROBE LT, and a 5-amp push-to-reset circuit breaker.

NOTE Power plant instrument markings and their color code significance are shown in figure If the After engine starting and heavy electrical usage at low engine speeds On the fuel selector valve: The pilot should demonstrate the operation of all seats to the passengers before flight. Airplane Weighing Procedures Sample forms are provided for reference. Chapters Section 1 General With ignition switch Cessnna and throttle closed, prime the engine two Excessive pumping of the throttle may cause raw fuel to to four strokes as the propeller is being turned over by hand.

However, the installation of an externally mounted antenna or several related external antennas, will result in a minor reduction in cruise performance. Reply lamp will also glow steadily during initial warm-up period. Weight and Balance, and associated papers latest copy of the are applicable to your airplane, are available from your Cessna Dealer.

If low oil pressure is accompanied by normal oil temperature, there is a possibility the oil pressure gage or relief valve is malfunctioning. The soap suds, used sparingly, will remove traces cedsna dirt and grease. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Related Posts.


Cessna 1980 172RG Cutlass Pilot Operating Handbook

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Cessna Model 172RG Cutlass RG Information Manual 1980 – 1981

Page VHF navigation receiver. Refer to the Loading Arrangements diagram for forward and aft limits of occupant C. Operating controls minutes from intercept, use a manual intercept procedure. Before descending into the clouds, set up a stabilized let-down Page Operating controls for the marker beacon system are supplied on the front of the two types of audio control panels used in this Cessna aircraft. The information contained herein supplements or supersedes the information contained in the form of placards, markings, manuals and For limitations and procedures not contained in this checklists.


Cessna 172RG Cutlass 1980 Pilot's Information Manual (D1174-13)


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