Tweet Description: 72 Demons of the ars Goetia list documentary 1. King Bael 2. Duke Agares 3. Prince Vassago 4.

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The first principal spirit is a king ruling in ye East, called Bael. This is his Character wch is to be worne as a Lamen before him who calleth him forth, or else he will not doe you homage. The second spirit is a Duke called Agares, he is under ye power of ye East and cometh up in the form of a fair Old man riding upon a Crocodill, very mildly, carrying a goshawke on his fist.

This is his seal. The 4th spirit is called Gamigin, a great Marquise, he appereth in ye forme of a litle horse or asse and then into humane shape he putteth himself at ye request of ye Master and speaketh wth a horse voice; he teaches all Liberall siences, and giveth and account of ye dead soules of them that dye in sin.

This is his seal, wch is to be worne by the Magician when he Invocateth. Else not. The 7th spirit is Amon. The 14th spirit is called Leraye or Leraje [written intra linea]. The 17th spirit is called Botis a great president and an Earle; he appeareth at ye [first] shew in ye form of an ugly viper Then at ye command of ye Magician he putteth on humane shape, with great teeth, Two horns, carring a sharp bright sword in his hand, he telleth of all Things past and to come and reconcileth friends and foes, he governeth 60 Legions of spirits his seal is this, that he obeyeth when he seeth it.

The 28th spirit in order as salomon bound them, is named Berith. He can make men wounderfull knowing in all Liberall siences; he ruleth 40 Legions of spirits, his seal is as this [shown], wch weare as a Lamen before yu, or else he will not obey you.

The 32d spirit in order is called Asmoday. The 33d spirit is Gaap. The 47th spirit is called Vual. The 63 spirit is called Andras, he is a great Marquiz appearing in ye forme of an angell wth a head like a Black night Raven, ridding upon a strong black woolf, wth a sharpe bright sword flourishing in his hand, his office is to sow discords, if ye Exorcist hath not care he will kill him and his fellows, he governeth 30 Legions of spirits his seal is Thus to be [made, and] worne as a Lamin before [thee] on your Breast.

Note this kink [!



An early woodcut image of Orobas. Vassago also Vasago, Usagoo is a mighty Prince of Hell see Hierarchy of demons , ruling over twenty-six legions of demons. He can be persuaded to tell the magician of events past and future, can discover hidden and lost things, and has a "good" nature. He is called Vassago.


72 Goetic Demons

He is known to be the first king of the 72 Goetic demons, and his power is associated with the eastern direction. Bael commands 66 Legions of spirits. He is powerful and can highly connect one to the animal kingdom and "dream shape shifting. It is said that Bael can make a man invisible, a statement pertaining in which he can allow one to pass through obstacles with ease to obtain the hidden knowledge. He is the second Goetic demon and is a Duke.

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