Mel January 21, at 2: Lower level spells are simpler and more common because they are all around spells usable in many situations or very frequently while higher levels spells are used in specific context. While I loved these books for putting everything into one place, you need to be careful with allowing everything in these books into your games. I like to think that low-level Magic-Users are more desperate for spells and material in general, and hence more willing to trade spells they find. Ozymandias September 14, at But I do think think the editors did some pretty reasonable work in that direction already. Book of War Mass combat with miniatures Available at Lulu.

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James Rizza at Dragonsfoot made what seems to be the first attempt at this here. The most glaring is that every spell was entered multiple times, once for each school of magic to which it belongs.

That runs up against the cardinal rule of database management, that is, to not duplicate the same data in multiple places -- because every copy is another opportunity for errors to creep in, fields to fall out-of-synch, etc. It makes it impossible to gather vital statistics on the work, starting with simply knowing how many different spells there are. Where the original spreadsheet was all-caps, I put this one in title case matching the text of the Compendium itself.

I de-duplicated all of the spells and collected the schools into one field each. I separated out reversed spell names from the name field, where they were previously appended. I programmatically reformatted most of the ranges, durations, areas, with more standardized abbreviations, and shortened many of the material component listings.

I deleted the extra columns for various specialty wizards which could be discovered by inspecting the schools listing but were in many places out-of-synch. I corrected some spell name typos and missing spells. And I inserted the frequency data indicated in the Compendium Vol.

Feel free to send me more corrections if you find them esp. We can also dis-aggregate the spells by level and frequency on separate axes. Consider the following chart: Looking down the depth of that 3D chart, notice that at 1st level, more of the spells are Common than any other frequency.

Meanwhile, around levels there are more spells at the Rare or Very Rare ratings and these are approximately the same at levels However, at levels the spells are mostly Very Rare and the Rare category is almost totally unused at the uppermost levels. While the information for many specialty wizards can be parsed from the schools field assuming no errors there?

Of course, many of us use a ruleset with different spell formatting than 2E. This is actually the conversion protocol that I generally used when analyzing spells for the 2nd edition of the Book of Spells work. Data Download.





Download: Ad&d Wizard Spell Compendium Volume 2 Pdf.pdf


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