Print In Delhi the greatest musical duo in the history of music teamed up to play Raga Yaman Kalyan in one of their five concerts together. Ravi Shankar and Annapurna were back home after the recital. Annapurna went to the kitchen. Subho was busy with his pencil and sketchbook. Ravi Shankar came out after a refreshing bath.

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She then switched to the surbahar which she played in the traditional style of a rudra veena. One of her earliest concerts of note was with the surbahar when she played in honour of the Raja of Maihar. She was rewarded with a large tract of land for her performance. Rooshikumar had been learning sitar from her since at the recommendation of her brother, Ali Akbar Khan, who was also his guru as was Ravi Shankar. He died in suddenly of a cardiac arrest at the age of She converted to Hinduism upon marriage.

But later, Shankar she decided not to reduce and finally stop performing in public. Her student Vinay Ram says that she was uncomfortable accepting payment for concerts, as it was her belief that it was akin to selling Saraswati the Goddess of learning. Shubhendra died at an early age, after a marriage and the birth of three children. Shubhendra did not have a solo career in classical music, but did for a period accompany his illustrious father Ravi Shankar in concerts in the USA and abroad.

Her pupils were not restricted solely to sitar or surbahar players and encompassed various fields in Hindustani classical music. In her authorised biography, the author notes that the circumstantial references point to Annapurna being born on the " Chaitra purnima day of the Bengali year of ".

But he finds no reliable accounts or documented evidence in support of this and chooses not to speculate. One source notes that she was born on 23 April but provides no basis for this.


Annapurna Devi

Even when she retreated into a shell between the walls of her sixth floor flat in Akashganga Apartments on Warden Road in Mumbai and restricted herself to teaching she never played the instrument. This writer has longingly looked at that building several times form a kali-peeli taxi; but then the grand old lady would not grant anyone any audience. And Annapurna was not her actual name. She was originally Roshanara. With her departure, more than the fact that a raga stealthily faded into the night, what remains is a question mark that hangs over the future of the instrument. She was one of its few living exponents.


Kamala Chakravarty

We speak to musicians about her music and life. Written by Suanshu Khurana Updated: October 16, pm Annapurna Devi chose to remain away from the limelight. Iconic musician Annapurna Devi passed away at 91 on Saturday. A scion of the Maihar gharana, there are several stories of her greatness as a musician, her temper and her unique style of teaching.

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